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5 days late, sore boobies, 4 tests & still no BFP...

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LookingForALine Sun 16-Oct-11 10:48:24

My period was due on Tuesday, and is still a no show. My boobies have been feeling sore since Wed. I did tests on Wed pm, Fri pm & Sat am all negative (cheap dip tests from Amazon & I know some people don't find them reliable). Regular test from supermarket this am - still negative.

We have been TTC, and had a MC in July at 7 weeks. That time I had sore boobies too, but had a BFP on days 2 & 3 with a chemists branded test.

My periods are normally regular, and it's very unusual for me to be this late.

So, do you think I could be pregnant? If so, why no BFP?
Would I increase my chance of a BFP with a branded test?
I feel like I'm in limbo at the moment, with no definite answer either way.
Would really appreciate some help please!

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sun 16-Oct-11 14:04:44

Any chance ovulation was delayed this month? Maybe stress or travel? That could explain why there's no af or bfp.
The tests you are using are actually the most sensitive. I'd test again with fmu. If no result either way and af is a week late, you'd probably be wise to go to your GP. Hth. Hope you get the result you want.

LookingForALine Sun 16-Oct-11 16:29:57

Thanks for your reply! I was doing ovulation tests and it was pretty much when expected, but I do tend to ovulate late so maybe there's just not enough HCG yet. I will leave it for a few days & then test again assuming no AF by then.

MyGoldenNotebook Sun 16-Oct-11 16:32:31

I just wanted to say good luck. It can take up to week for some women to get their BFP. It's a horrid state to be in as I well know. So much easier to get AF. I was due on Friday and so far just BFN. Grrrr!

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