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period 2 days late but have had brown discharge for almost a week now...

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ChateauMargot Sun 16-Oct-11 08:51:31

Any ideas what this could be?

WishingIWasLucky Sun 16-Oct-11 08:59:03

Possibly implantation bleeding? Take a pregnancy test to be certain! x

ChateauMargot Sun 16-Oct-11 09:20:53

I don't know - it's been enough to require a pad (sorry if TMI), and I thought implantation bleeding was supposed to be quite subtle and pinky brown?

I also had a terrible stomach ache on Friday - not like period cramps, though, so not sure if it's at all related. And generally feeling a bit bloated. All signs point to AF, but I've never had the brown spotting for this long not to 'result' in a period by now.

WishingIWasLucky Sun 16-Oct-11 09:30:55

A pregnancy test would confirm either way. You could be in this confused state for a while- until you test. My understanding is that brown blood is old blood. More commonly found in pregnancy. Good luck- hope you get result you wish for smile

ChateauMargot Sun 16-Oct-11 09:35:36

Cheers! I think I may give it another day or two - don't want to get my hopes up just yet, but also would like to rule out anything more sinister...

nearlymumofone Sun 16-Oct-11 09:39:39

test test test. that way you don't get your hopes up, you'll just know either way. I find the longer I leave it to test the more I symptom spot and create a phamtom pg in my head only to be dissapointed! good luck.

CaipirinhasAllRound Sun 16-Oct-11 09:40:56

That's happened to me a few times too, no idea why either but it hasn't been pregnancy...

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sun 16-Oct-11 09:50:21

If af is two days late a test is likely to be conclusive! Do it!

ChateauMargot Sun 16-Oct-11 11:34:30

Caipirin, that's interesting - I've only started noticing this sort of thing in the last few months, since going on Metformin. Am almost certain I'm not preg, so not getting hopes up - just a little concerned about endometriosis and that sort of thing... (?)

randomimposter Sun 16-Oct-11 11:41:48

I had this with a previous pregnancy. Brown spotting every day for about 10 days around the time AF due. Then once a week I would get it for one day only. Sadly that pregnancy ended in a MMC at 12 weeks, but the two things are not connected.

It CAN be a sign of low progesterone, OR just a consequence of your little bean snuggling deep into their new home and dislodging loads of old muck (for want of a better word!).

Good luck - hope you get the outcome you want.

ChateauMargot Sun 16-Oct-11 14:22:11

Thanks, jollster! I've had a few blood tests already (necessary before going on Met) and haven't had progesterone flagged up - am I correct in thinking this is what gets measured on day 21? Apparently I did ovulate last month, although bloods came back with a reading at 29, which I thought might be on the lowish side...

Glad to hear no one thinks it's something I should be worried about - yet!

randomimposter Sun 16-Oct-11 16:19:12

can't 100% remember the figures now, but think a day 21 figure of 30+ shows you have ovulated, and most clinics like to see a level of 60+ to maintain a pregnancy BUT getting a definite Ov+7 result is a hard ask (as in Day 21 may not be Ov+7 for everyone if you see what I mean).

the woman I see for acupuncture always "hmmms" disapprovingly a bit when I talk about my pre and post AF brown gunkiness... and I SO want to be a star patient!!! Well actually I just want another bloody baby hmmgrinangrygrinsad

ChateauMargot Sun 16-Oct-11 17:11:21

Does she 'hmm' ominously? And has the acu helped?

MrsHY1 Sun 16-Oct-11 18:15:37

I get this ladies - every month- without fail! And interestingly chateau - I'm also on metformin!
My day 21 progesterone result a couple of cycles ago was 65 (and the delightful brown gunk had already begun) so it does appear as if I'm ovulating well.
Both my GP, private GP and hospital consultant don't seem to think it's connected to the fact I haven't got preggers yet (it's been a year). It is old blood though - so hopefully the lovely, juicy red stuff is very much 'in there' and making a lovely home for a potential bean! Bleurgh - have just read that back - sorry!

randomimposter Sun 16-Oct-11 19:47:17

I think acu can really help.

In my case I tried it after my 2nd MMC. She asked me not to TTC whilst she got to know my cycles for 3 months, so I obeyed instructions. And when I got the green light I got a BFP first month (having said that in my first 4 pregnancies, 1 DS and 3 MMCs, only one of those wasn't conceived in month 1).

I don't know anything about your situation obviously, but I would say it can really help in regulating cycles, boosting energy at the right time of the month and instilling a sense of calm and relaxation. Important to find a practitioner who specialises in fertility though.

ChateauMargot Sun 16-Oct-11 21:18:55

Mrs HY, have they suggested any reasons why this would happen? A week of brown blood seems a long time before a 'real' period, no? 65 sounds very high - I thought that anything over 60 suggested pregnancy - or have I got this extremely wrong?

Really interested, jollster - thanks for that.

alwayspoor Sun 16-Oct-11 21:24:58

brown discharge can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. sad You can have a negative pregnancy test with ectopics.

alwayspoor Sun 16-Oct-11 21:26:29

hope its not btw op! smile

LostInTheWoods Sun 16-Oct-11 21:30:51

Have you stopped taking a contraceptive pill recently?

ChateauMargot Mon 17-Oct-11 10:41:21

alwayspoor - I hope not! Though how on earth would one tell, if the test is negative? I'm not having any other pain.

LostITW, I came off the pill in May 2010. Periods completely bonkers after that, hence Metformin.

ChateauMargot Mon 17-Oct-11 16:19:24

Ok, I've just done a test. It was the last one I had - a cheapo internet one - and there is a very faint, pink line. The control line is dark red (almost maroon).

Is the faint pink line an evaporation line?

nearlymumofone Mon 17-Oct-11 16:47:06

probably not. sounds like you've got yourself a bfp to me! congrats!!!! I'd do another one to make sure though.

ChateauMargot Mon 17-Oct-11 16:53:47

Crikey. I really want it to be, but I just can't believe it is. Just popped out to the pharmacy and got a Clearblue test to try tomorrow morning - don't want to mention it to DH lest I get his hopes up for no reason, but not sure how I'll contain myself in the meantime..!

HaveALittleFaithBaby Mon 17-Oct-11 17:29:23

Evap lines are reportedly grey....exciting!
Do bear in mind cb aren't too sensitive but if you got a bfp(!) On a more sensitive test in the afternoon you nay well get a bfp on a cb with fmu. Let us know!

ChateauMargot Mon 17-Oct-11 17:38:12

Will do!

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