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Implants removal

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emsy5000 Thu 13-Oct-11 16:15:30

Hi everyone

I am just woundering how much of a mark does implant removal leave. is it like when you have it put in and there is a big bruse for weeks after?

EatingLemonCheesecake Thu 13-Oct-11 17:06:32

i think everyone will be different but i have a H shaped scar from mine just over a cm wide and the same long, i was given 3 stitches a small dressing over and a compression bandage to be worn for the first 3days. I was quite badly bruised in a larger area then just the cuts but she had awful trouble getting mine out and it was horrid... All in all had bad exp with it but had not been expecting the removal to be so bad, i thought she'd just have to do one small incission then pop it out but she said they become embedded in the muscle/muscle grows around it she said and have to be cut/forced out #shudders... it was sore for a few days after too. Sorry for being graffic and i really hope this is not what it will be like for you but i think id have prefered to have known it was going to be so sore rather then the shock i got! Hth?

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