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im now 12dpo and Clearblue digital pregnancy was "not pregnant"

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biglips Thu 13-Oct-11 10:42:29

i used my first morning urine this morning, also used a cheapie ebay preg stick too. For the past 3 days, on the cheapie sticks ive been getting a vvvvvv faint pink line and today it slightly abit darker but still faint (came up within 2 minutes).

Before i binned the CB digital, i took the battery out and that was it...ive been feeling preg since 1dpo, mainly nausea (which ive never had on 2 prev pregs) and my boobs had been feeling small stabbing pains (i always get sore boobs a week before AF but never this early). Since monday my tummy was getting more intense crampy that lasted for a few seconds few times a day, so maybe AF is on its way.

Now, ive just looked on the CB website and it said that if "No hCG detected by the assay strips, therefore a not-pregnant result is returned", which i got, but i've took it out of the bin (my bedroom bin) and noticed that there was 3 lines which it is "Pregnant and conception occurred approximately 2-3 weeks ago" please take a look half way down of the inside of the sticks my result line zone is faint, control line zone is dark (both on the low sensitivity strip), and the result line zone on the high sensitivity strip is a little darker than the result line zone on the low sensitivity strip but a little bit lighter than the control line zone.

Is this a negative cos i looked at it 3.5 hours later to find the lines that i didnt know about it.

Ive used CB digital with my dd2 and i had a positive at 10dpo....

thank you for reading this as it's driving me nuts!


galwaygal Thu 13-Oct-11 10:53:59

Do read the small print on the information of the link you sent: "The Control and Result lines cannot be read by eye. Instead the test uses an optical system to measure the density of the lines – a red light shines onto the control and result line zones, and the light reflected is converted into an electrical signal"

There are alway 2 lines, you cannot read the test in the way you are saying.

Also - yes even if it were that way, you have read it out of the time limit, but as I say you cannot measure it that way anyway!!!!!!

So sorry, you will have to wait longer for your result.

Please remember that the digital tests are also much less sensitive than the internet cheapy tests. So it would take a while longer before the test would turn positive on that too. So you could well be pregnant, but it might take a couple more days before you get a positive on the digitals.

As an aside, just because one pregnancy is positve early does not mean that another will. All pregnancies are different, different implantation days, different rise in the levels. I have had positive tests as early as 7dpo and as late as 16dpo on my pregnnacies!

I hope you get your definiative answer soon!

biglips Thu 13-Oct-11 11:05:07

ive just done another wee on the cheap stick and it was more pinker than this morning within 2 mins, so i thought ill have a go with the CB digital and it stated "Pregnant 1-2".......hmmm!!

so the first urine wasnt as concentrated so i managed to hold it in for 3.5 hours

what's next???

galwaygal Thu 13-Oct-11 13:52:03

Congratulations, you are pregnant! Now - no more peeing on sticks it will only stress you out. (I always get stronger results on second morning urine rather than FMU too). I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months.

biglips Thu 13-Oct-11 19:32:32

aww thank you...

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