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Will I have another c section?

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Annie421 Wed 12-Oct-11 21:33:56


My daughter is 12 months old, I am not planning on having another baby just yet, but something is really bothering me!!! ...

When i was pregnant with my daughter i was terrified about giving birth naturally, this was something i never wanted to do, at 34 weeks i was told that i had a low lying placenta and would have to have a c section, i was more than happy with this ... was told after that i didnt have a low lying placenta. I really want to have another baby in a few years time, what puts me off is giving birth naturally ... will i be able to have an elective c section the next time?

cureall Thu 13-Oct-11 13:07:51

Yes, I had a breech baby first time and they recommended elective C section as I was 40 + 3 when detected! Doctors would have happily given me a second C section and in your case I wouldn't imagine it'd be any different. I went for natural birth- amazing but exhausting. Talk to people who've done it, you might not feel so anti; it was wonderful not to have that c section recovery time. It's your body, your baby, your decision, hope you get the birth you want.

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