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Just had a FET- anyone else on 2ww just now?

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ilikeyoursleeves Tue 11-Oct-11 22:38:00

I had a frozen embryo transfer (FET) today with an embie from a previous IVF cycle originally done 4 years ago which resulted in my beautiful son, DS1. In between cycles we were also extremely fortunate to conceive DS2 naturally. We always wanted to have 3 children so after 9 months TTC again, we decided to go for a FET. All went well and one 8 cell, top grade perfect embryo went home today smile I am feeling excited but also feel blessed and I am very appreciative of the 2 beautiful boys we already have.

Anyone around who is starting the 2ww who wants to join in the symptom spotting? Good luck to anyone on the 2ww smile

LittleDragon Tue 11-Oct-11 22:46:20

I'm just starting my 2ww. I think I ov'd yesterday according to signs. I don't temp just use FF for dates and symptoms check. This is my 4th cycle so am still learning what symptoms my body can throw at me.

ilikeyoursleeves Wed 12-Oct-11 21:44:06

Good luck little dragon! Heres going this cycle will be the one that works. No symptoms here yet, going to try to hold out til next sat before I test. I am already dreaming of an ickle baby though & worked out the edd, argh. Trying not to get too obsessed...

LittleDragon Fri 14-Oct-11 19:52:16

I've also worked out the EDD and that if this one lands on time it will share it's Birthday with my DS. I've started getting really tired by this time. I'm starting to yawn my head off now whereas usually i'd be ok till about midnight. i'm also needing to pee about double what I usually do. but is this just my body playing tricks?

ilikeyoursleeves Fri 14-Oct-11 20:43:14

I've been peeing loads too but thats cos I've been drinking loads of water as I'm just getting over a cold. I am knackered but then I always am knackered due to working & having 2 boys!

LittleDragon Sat 15-Oct-11 18:48:13

I am lead volunteer at a local charity shop and atm I'm doing 7 days a week plus training as a guider at brownies and rainbows but that's all my choice. I'm usually still able to stay up till midnight but I was in bed at 8 last night and slept 13 hours. i've also had to have biscuits on hand today else i've felt really sick and nearly was sick at about 11am.

ilikeyoursleeves Sat 15-Oct-11 20:08:22

I went to bed at 915 pm last night & slept soundly til 730 am, had loads of weird dreams too! I've had a few twinges in my lower abdomen too today, a sign of implantation perhaps? Heres hoping! No other symptoms yet.

LittleDragon Sun 16-Oct-11 19:17:02

I couldn't stand the smell of the bosses strong tea today and have had to have the biscuits again today. I was in bed again at 8 last night and didn't get up till 9 again. And even the boss has noticed somethings going on the amount of times i've been to the loo today

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 16-Oct-11 20:03:29

Sounds good little dragon! I see you are on the other thread too, what date you going to test you think? My right boob has been a bit sore today but not the left. So all day I have been feeling a right tit. Lol!

LittleDragon Sun 16-Oct-11 21:12:15


I don't know. depends on when DP buys the test. Which will be when he gets sick of me symptom spotting. I'm laid in bed atm with laptop as had to take bra off as both boobs were so sore

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