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Pregnant but had a period???

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wallydog Tue 11-Oct-11 21:39:28

This probably sounds strange but hear me out!
Last month I was convinced I'd BD at the right time! But AF arrived on day 35! It usually lasts 3 days full and then just last bits for the last day! But this one was strange - it was full on for two days and then on day 3 looked like it was on it's way out but then on day 4 it came back full and then day 5 fizzled out! This has never happened before!
Then for the past two weeks I've been really weepy on and off (not like me)!
I'm a teacher and don't normally get upset by the students, but something so silly set me off crying like a baby and I had to leave the class!

Maybe just wishful thinking! I'm now on day 31 and still ot quite sure if I've OV'd yet!
Thanks for reading my ramblings!

thisisyesterday Tue 11-Oct-11 21:45:17

welll.... did you not do a test?

wallydog Tue 11-Oct-11 22:02:05

Sorry yes I forgot to say I did on the day I was due and just after period - both BFN!

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