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Has anyone had red spotting at DPO 7, but has a luteal phase longer than 14 days and been PG?

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HomemadeCakes Tue 11-Oct-11 15:32:50

Hi All,

Ok, bit of a strange one.

So last month, the GP thinks I might have had a MC. Didn't do any tests but from what I said, thinks I might have...

So this month, only SWId the once on CD16 (last Monday), the day before I OVd (CD17).

Now DPO 7 and when I woke this morning, my CM was tinged with red blood. It's been there each time I wipe today but my CM is always very heavy and it's just slightly stained with it, barely noticeable on a pantyliner.

But AF isn't actually due for another 10 days or so. So would this be too early for Implantation? I also had slight cramping this morning accompanying the blood which has now stopped.

The other symptoms I've had are raging headaches in the evening that started on Sunday (never get headaches), feel tired (but could be psychological) and my boobs are really painful, on the sides through to under my arms.

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you in advance.

HomemadeCakes Tue 11-Oct-11 16:29:27


farfallarocks Tue 11-Oct-11 16:53:37

Well it could be, certainly the timing is right.
Good luck

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