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Moving house and NHS fertility treatment part 2 - what would you do?

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sunnyg Mon 10-Oct-11 14:46:10

Hi All
I posted about a month ago re our move from Islington to Watham Forest PCT (London) with some questions regarding how this may affect our NHS fertility treatment.
Well a month later we have now successfully moved and my treatment is progressing. Went to my initial consultation at UCH London (ACU) and it looks like we’ll be starting IUI next month. At the consultation we were asked if we were still at the same address and not being very good liars, we did mention our new address but as yet we hadn’t had a chance (literally just moved in) to register with new local GP. Our consultant told us that we would be offered 3 cycles of NHS funded IUI regardless of which PCT we were in, so this is good news. However, if the IUI doesn’t work (trying to stay positive but you know us women, always thinking ahead!) and we then need to move onto IVF, then the question still remains about this funding.

Here are the pros and cons of changing GPs:

1) Islington PCT (previous address and where still currently registered with GP) offers 2 rounds of NHS funded IVF currently and at this time we meet all criteria for this funding
2) Waltham Forest PCT (new address) offers 3 rounds of NHS funded IVF – we currently meet all criteria for this except they also want you to be registered with a local GP for a year, and having just moved less than a month ago we obviously don’t meet this requirement as yet)

So ladies, the question really is whether to move to a new GP in our area, start the 1 year wait (IUI may take 6 months anyway) and then go for the 3 cycles or do we ask our current GP in Islington if he’ll keep us on, thus already meeting the criteria for IVF if needed???

The other thing on my mind is that we have already commenced treatment at ACU – UCH London which is known to be one of the best hospitals with fantastic success rates for both IUI and IVF. So far I’ve been very happy with them, and our consultant Dr Shenfield is well known in the field. If we were to change GPs, perhaps we’d be made to take the IVF treatment up (if needed) under another consultant and another hospital with less successful rates.

I know I may be getting ahead of myself, but I think best to be prepared. At 34 after TTC for over 2 years I don’t want to waste another second. So Ladies…….What would you do?

highlove Mon 10-Oct-11 16:58:36

Are you sure, sure islington still offer IVF? I'm in islington and was told they're not currently...we don't qualify either way so I didn't explore it any further so hopefully it's just wrong, but would hate you to make a decision if things gave changed.

Meanwhile all the best with your IUI and hope IVF isn't needed!

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