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Please can someone tell me that a line is a line no matter how faint it is????

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Kayzr Sat 08-Oct-11 16:09:55

I think I have a BFP!!! Its so so so faint but it came up straight away. It wont show up on a picture as I've tried so best friend is coming to check for me.

Please tell me I'm not going nuts!!

CheeseandGherkins Sat 08-Oct-11 16:11:23

Don't read it after 10 mins so if it's been longer than that then I wouldn't ask anyone to look at it. I'd retest in the morning to be sure.

Kayzr Sat 08-Oct-11 16:20:36

It was about 5 minutes between doing the test and my friend getting round

rogersmellyonthetelly Sat 08-Oct-11 20:23:00

A line is indeed a line unless it's on clearblue easy in which case don't trust it unless you have lines on other tests

mousebacon Sat 08-Oct-11 20:24:19

The line on my IC (9dpo) was practically invisible but I am, indeed, upduffed.

FR is my test of choice grin

Kayzr Sat 08-Oct-11 21:51:32

It was a FR test. It's the one I always use.

KatAndKit Sun 09-Oct-11 09:43:25

If it was an FR, and the line is definitely pink (sometimes you can get whitish lines where the indicator strip is) you are pregnant!

I'd do another test with nice concentrated urine tomorrow morning to confirm it, but I think you can start your tentative celebrations in the meantime smile

louby86 Sun 09-Oct-11 09:48:27

My line was barely visible on the first FR test I did, five months later I now have a little baby bump and have just found out we're having a girl! A line is a line on FR! Good luck smile

Kayzr Sun 09-Oct-11 09:50:28

It started off as a White line which went pink after about 30 seconds.

Mama5isalive Sun 09-Oct-11 09:55:08

Congrats i would say but if it really needs to be confirmed use a sample of FMU and a FR test!
or you could go on and see if there are any tests posted on there that looks like yours! a good site i must say!
So how late/early are you ?

KatAndKit Sun 09-Oct-11 09:55:46

Good! If it's pink then the old adage "a line is a line" is true. If you are very early to be testing then the line doesn't come up immediately, but so long as it happens within the time limit it's fine.
If you have another test it might ease your mind to do one tomorrow morning and see it be definitely positive, but congratulations on your bfp smile

Mama5isalive Sun 09-Oct-11 09:56:11

whoooooooppppp CONGRATS! take a picture and save it on your phone!!!!!
hope you have a wonderful day! knowing now your pregnant!!!!

Kayzr Sun 09-Oct-11 09:59:35

I did another this morning with FMU which was still faint but the line came up quicker. AF isn't due til Tuesday. I need to get another test and do it Tuesday I guess.

Kayzr Sun 09-Oct-11 10:05:07

Mama, just checked and there are loads of FR that look like mine!! grin

KatAndKit Sun 09-Oct-11 10:37:12

Save money though, get superdrug non digital early tests, equally as good as FR in my opinion and the dye is dark purple so easier to see a line. And half the price.

Kayzr Sun 09-Oct-11 11:50:34

I don't have a Superdrug nearby. Just boots so I have choice of Boots own, clearblue or first response.

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