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triphasic bbt chart.. Can anyone help???

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wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 13:39:01

Hi ladies just wondering if anyone could explain a triphasic bbt chart to me as i am temping this month for the first time and am not sure what to look for smile thank you xx

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sat 08-Oct-11 14:03:48

Can you link your chart?

wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 14:09:44

if this works this is my chart x

wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 14:12:46


wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 14:13:41

think the last link works smile x

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sat 08-Oct-11 14:16:33

Um that didn't work...
You need to go to 'share my chart', add the chart you want and then you'll see your url.

wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 14:21:06

ok thank you, think iv managed it smile

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sat 08-Oct-11 14:25:19

Ok we're there! I'd say it's looking pretty good! You'd need the current rise to be maintained to definitely be triphasic. What is your usual cycle length? Sit on your hands til af is due then test smile

wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 14:27:45

Thats good to hear as this is my first month charting after having a mmc last year at 11 weeks... My usual cycle is 28 day give or take a day or so think its around tuesday i am due af x

wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 19:38:24


mousebacon Sat 08-Oct-11 20:33:49

How long is your lp normally? I'd say it looks good - I had a rise like that (1 high spike) this cycle and I got a +ive at 9dpo.

I'm not sure I'd describe it as triphasic but if I were you I'd give it another couple of days and poas!

Good luck smile

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sat 08-Oct-11 20:49:51

Keep us posted when you do poas!
mouse she's only just started charting so she probably doesn't know her luteal phase length yet...

wannabeamummy Sat 08-Oct-11 21:06:03

Thank you for your replys smile Mousebacon i dont know what my normal lp is as i am new to charting so just got to wait and see. I am due af on tuesday so think i will poas on monday.. Im worried about testing as i dont want to see Bfn

wannabeamummy Sun 09-Oct-11 11:02:31

hi just wanted to give a quick update, my temp rose again this morning so wondering if my chart is triphasic ir not, after looking through notes i realised my cycle is 27 days so im due tomorrow so off to asda i go to buy some hpt smile

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sun 09-Oct-11 14:50:38

I don't think that temp rise is a bad thing! Exciting smile I want an early morning pee stick report!

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sun 09-Oct-11 14:55:04

My chart usually drops massively one or two days before af arrives. So if af is not here and you've not had a temp drop, it does sound positive.

wannabeamummy Mon 10-Oct-11 15:40:13

hi all, well i did poas this morning and it was a bfn! Iv had a slight temp drop this morning but nothing major so still hanging in there. Af still not here so im still hopefull and will test again in the morning smile

wannabeamummy Tue 11-Oct-11 20:16:00

grrrr so confused now, i am 13dpo today and still no af! Another temp rise this morning so poas and still a bfn... Af playing tricks on me now as has back ache and cramps a couple of days ago now i feel nothing... Anyone had a bfn at 13dpo and gone on to have a bfp? x

HaveALittleFaithBaby Tue 11-Oct-11 20:28:15

Ah hang in there. I would say it's suggested (ie fertility friend and Taking charge of your fertility) that you don't test until you've had 18 high temps in a row.
I had a bfp at 15dpo (went on to be a chemical pregnancy) with a bfn the day before. You just have to wait and see I'm afraid easier said than done

LadyMaybe Wed 12-Oct-11 03:17:48

You just need to keep waiting wannabe, it's hard but there's no alternative. The chart is looking good and stable so far, but it looks like your period started with a temp above coverline last time, so you might not see a big drop before it arrives as warning, IYSWIM. Fingers crossed that you don't see a big drop at all grin.

wannabeamummy Sat 15-Oct-11 23:20:08

Hi all sorry for the late update, Af did arrive so bfn again this month sad Temp stayed up on first day of af but dropped straight back down on day 2, oh well maybe next month xx

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sun 16-Oct-11 08:28:16

Sorry to hear af arrived sad Hopefully as you start charting you'll see a pattern emerging. Might be worth joining the Charters Anonymous thread - it's just been started back up. Not that many activity charting but plenty chip in with advice!

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