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Continued tales of the follicling Feisty, Fabulous Forty Somethings - into October 2011 and beyond

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10000fireflies Sat 08-Oct-11 10:49:50

A lovely new thread for all us fabulous, frolicsome and feisty forty-somethings....

10000fireflies Sat 08-Oct-11 10:56:10

Now where was I....? Hello my lovelies! Busy as ever in here!! There’s some brunch on the go if anyone’s interested. Think a couple of croissants and a nice strong de-caff coffee will me though. Sorry, essay coming up...
Angel- thinking of you esp for Monday. Keep positive and rest as much as you can.
Pocket - I have similar thoughts as you as ED is a possible option for us. Other people can mind their own business! You’d don’t have to answer any questions, indirect or not. They can guess and make assumptions all they like. Have a non-specific phrase up your sleeve along the lines of ‘well, we’re delighted with our little miracle’, or something like that. Actually, like Diege’s suggested response. Going to start practising that myself for various occasions. As soon as you start admitting using DEs to anyone and everyone, you’ll have no control over how your child finds out they are from a DE. If we do it, we’re not telling anyone, not even my Mum as she has been blabbing all sorts of blllx to the family about us and our IVF. Not helpful. Might divulge to you girls though!!
Panashe - O. M. G!!!! What a drama. Your no.1 priority is your baby, so whatever you do for the next 8 or so months, make sure it’s in the best interests of your health and your baby’s . Calm down on the dramas, and smooth things over with both men. If I’ve understood your story correctly I’d say ex sounds like a bit of a s*@t. How dare he reappear just like that when you’re happily settled with DP and have the gall to ask you to marry him and wreck things for you again. As for marrying him, he’ll have to wait until you’ve had the baby and the hormones have settled down and you really know what you’re doing. I know you say you’ve never loved him like anyone else, but remember that the lack of commitment he showed you would have heightened some of those feelings you had for him. If you go for Ex, daily life will soon settle down into humdrum existence before you know it and those feelings could seem fairly insignificant in 10 years time. Who’s the father? Have you told them? Try imagining yourself in your old age, in a rocking chair, telling a young thing all about your life and the decisions you made along the way and how it all turned out.
Italian - so excited for you. How’s it going? Grrrrrrrreeeeat to have those frosties too!!!
Hopeful thanks for those tips from the site on SWi timings, cups and Manuka honey! V educational on here. Always learn something new!! How was the holiday?
Lol - how’s the sleep SWI going btw??!!
Diege - hope your day with parents goes well. Good to hear the pain’s eased off a little.

I have been AWOL as now studying three evenings a week. Visited parents over the weekend. Was lovely to relax in the sunshine – we went to a local outdoor pool so it was like a mini-holiday, but Dad really is getting quite stressful in his old age. Have also been getting started on immune testing. Frigging NHS is so effing incompetent and disorganised. Sent me all over the place for blood tests, and even now, I have no idea whether they’ll fund one of them or whether we have to pay the £240 ourselves. I checked with GP whether they would do 2 of the blood tests and they said yes and made appointment, then changed their mind when I turned up. And that’s the short version! Off now. Got to go and find something constructive to do with the day. Hating this autumnal weather.

Hi to TTT, Hippy, Curly, BB and everyone else. Hugs and babydust xx

lovethislife Sat 08-Oct-11 14:20:41

10000fireflies I have found the thread! I'm marking my place, leaping right in and hoping to catch some of that babydust. smile

I'm 40.5 and am blessed with a toddler and hoping to try naturally for another baby.

10000fireflies Sat 08-Oct-11 14:37:01

smile Welcome! thanks No-one else has found us yet though. sad Fancy a brew while we wait for the others? I'm 42, been TTC for a few years, no children yet, currently testing for immune issues as x2 ivf cycles failed, but had excellent results up to embryo transfer stage. I have a blocked tube.

Curlylox Sun 09-Oct-11 18:42:09

Hello ff and well done for taking the time to start a new thread, however I think you'll find that Lol started a new thread too smile

10000fireflies Sun 09-Oct-11 21:19:43

Oh, I should have known... I was never the cool one at school! Thanks for letting me know curly - would never have found you. I have no idea why I didn't find Lol's thread as I'm sure all the searches I did were correct. Come and join us thislife!

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