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getting anxious ttc after mmc and erpc

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Nothing7 Fri 07-Oct-11 20:46:30

Hi, hope you're all doing well? Sorry to hear of your losses too.

On 2nd Sept I went for my first scan only to have the awful news that it had no heartbeat, it had grown to 8w2d and I would have put myself about 9 weeks max so it had only just happened ? I was offered an ERPC or to wait for a natural MC so I asked for a follow up scan the following week (Mon 5th) - both internal as I have a tipped uterus, and it confirmed that it had definitely died. I decided that I would have an ERPC as I wanted to try and get over this and felt having my baby inside me for longer would only prolong the upset. The operation went well (well as well as could be expected as when they told me that i burst into tears as my idea of going well would have been to have my baby - they meant well). I bled for about 1 day after, to be honest following the op I didn't have a lot of blood anyway most of it was at the hospital and some for a couple of hours after then it was just spotting.

The following week I think I had a visit from AF, on the Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th. It was fairly light which is normal for me as due to the pill I didn't really have them anyway so this was almost the same experience though I'm no longer taking the pill so don't know whether she should be heavier. I've had no bleeding since and on 24th Sept decided to take a HPT just to check (I'd been putting it off as I didn't want to see the BFN but decided that in order to know where my body was ish then I should) so I got my BFN ? but at least I knew my body was on the way to recovery.

From then on me and my DH BD's for a whole week as we were on holiday and prior to that we BD'd but withdrew. The holiday we didn't withdraw at all so I'm wondering - well even hoping that there is a possibility I could get a BFP. I'm too scared to check just incase the results aren't what I want but also I guess its too early to check anyway.

Sorry to come on here with this i'm just getting really anxious thinking about it. Having the MC has made me want one even more.

I just wondered if anyone had a positive story that was similar to mine??


freelancescientist Sat 08-Oct-11 11:46:34

Didn't want you to go unanswered, but you may get more help on the miscarriage board.
I've now got 2 children after 4 miscarriages in total (2 before my DS, then 2 before my DD). I had 2 ERPCs and my experience of bleeding was very similar to yours. It did, however, take a good 3 months after each for my cycle to settle down into its previous rhythm, I'd always had regular periods before. So please don't worry if your BFP doesn't appear as quickly as you'd like.

pixiewitch Sat 08-Oct-11 12:04:40

Yes, I echo freelancescientist.

try the miscarriage board. I found SO much great help there.

I got pg in Jan this year, but had an embryotic pregancy which ended in an ERPC in April.

After that I used the ovulation poas to check ov & have just got a bfp ... (& I'm over 40!). It's taken 5 months - so there is hope.

All the best,


KatAndKit Sun 09-Oct-11 09:53:59

The bleeding the week after your erpc was not your period, it was probably just the last of the miscarriage completing itself. Generally it takes 4-6 weeks to have a proper complete menstrual cycle, and as others have said, it takes a few months to get back int a regular pattern.

The bfn is a good thing in this case as it means all the pregnancy hormone is out of your body now and your body is ready to start again. Hopefully you can expect a proper period soon. If you don't have one within 6 weeks from your erpc then do another pregnancy test as it is possible that you have ovulated in the meantime.

Once you have a new period you will be able to start trying properly, and you may find ovulation testing useful. It took me 7 months to conceive again.

I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you are pregnant again soon. It's early days yet though so don't panic if it doesn't happen straight away.

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