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TTC and holiday booked!!

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bettybets Tue 04-Oct-11 20:01:27

I really want to ttc asap, but we have SIL wedding in spain next september, we have to go, but dread the thought of going with DD1 and a new baby. When do you think i could start ttc? Think the latest they will let you fly is 36 weeks?

jkklpu Tue 04-Oct-11 20:40:31

Not sure I'd base my family planning on a family wedding, tbh. The point at which you can fly depends on how healthy you are during your pregnancy, your travel insurance and the individual airline's policy. Some airlines request a doctor's letter confirming you're fit - and remember that your size and discomfort levels won't be dependent on how far along you are, not least as your 2nd pregnancy might be very different from your first. The captain has the ultimate decision and the ground crew can make him/her aware of concerns they might have.

If you already think you wouldn't want to go to the wedding with dd and a new baby, do you really think you'd want to be travel at the tail-end of the pregnancy? In any event, if you do hold off and end up going heavily pregnant, do make sure you have really, really good travel insurance that means you'd be covered for delivery and any emergencies if you went into labour in Spain.

LydiaWickham Tue 04-Oct-11 20:43:12

I would say a good rule of thumb if you go somewhere after 34 weeks, you better be prepared to have the baby there...

Also think about having to get a passport, over the summer period in only a few weeks - hidous! If you've had anything instrumental you might not be fit to fly yourself for a couple of months....

That basically means you don't want to be due between July and November. That's a lot of the year to rule out! I would say just go for it, and send DH on his own for a long weekend. When you say you 'have to go', would your family really not excuse you if you were about to give birth/had just given birth?

bettybets Tue 04-Oct-11 21:13:40

Mmmmm, good advice, thank you. The holiday is already booked, maybe i should talk to the holiday company and arrange to re arrange the holiday for just my DH to go for a long weekend.

I really want another baby, and dont think i can hold off, everyday DD who is 2 is getting bigger and changing and i really feel that now is the right time to start trying for baby number 2.

My DH doesnt agree he feels we should just wait to TTC end of next year after the holiday.

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