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Faint BFP!

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birdofthenorth Tue 04-Oct-11 12:32:59

Four BFNs last week. Pretty rubbish weekend as someone at DD1's nursery was suspended for manhandling her (thanks for all the advice those of you who saw the thread). Got temporarily distracted from obsessing about my now late period because of the stress. Peed on a stick half an hour ago. Made myself a giant blue cheese sandwich to console myself when 5th BFN inevitably appeared. Looked at stick. Put down sandwich. Faint BFP!!

No more tests in the house, natch... off to purchase some, plus an alternative pregnancy-safe-just-in-case sandwich!

Trying not to get too exctied Wheeeeee!

Dillydollydaydream Tue 04-Oct-11 12:34:33

Ooh sounds very promising!
Fc for another BFP

birdofthenorth Tue 04-Oct-11 13:37:25

Hmm... even fainter BFP this time! Is a line a line, or is it possible something sad has happened? AF now overdue so should be a big fat line, right?

GTR2882 Tue 04-Oct-11 13:50:57

Not necessarily, if you implanted late, and it's afternoon so hormone might not be strong enough......fx'd for you smile

birdofthenorth Tue 04-Oct-11 13:53:36

Thank you both.

Should really wait til morning and test again... although DH about to fly away on business and seems a bit mean to send him off left hanging!

GTR2882 Tue 04-Oct-11 13:59:13

A line is a line - and would seem a bit odd to get two false positives; what brand of test are you using?

birdofthenorth Tue 04-Oct-11 15:15:57

First was First Response, second was a Tesco cheapy (because I thought any old brand should confirm it clearly at this stage -alas not!)

themightyskim Tue 04-Oct-11 16:08:09

It took me over a week to get a line if that helps smile

GTR2882 Tue 04-Oct-11 16:09:33

then i would def say congrats, because i have heard very good things about both those tests!! smile

birdofthenorth Tue 04-Oct-11 16:22:42

Oooh... I hope so GTR, thanks!

Going to test again tomorrow morning with my remaining Tesco test, whilst trying not to get franticly excited!

birdofthenorth Tue 04-Oct-11 16:24:05

Did it really mighty? How frustrating!! I got big fat clear line on AF due date with DD1... hopefully there is a DC2 in there and s/h is just a more mysterious character!!

GTR2882 Tue 04-Oct-11 16:54:24

Could be a boy - they are crafty little buggers grin

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