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Anyone taking agnus castus and seeing results?

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flixy102 Mon 03-Oct-11 17:21:51

I started on agnus castus in july (first the tincture and then the tablets) as i have raised prolactin levels and absolutely no cycle at all-periods haven't returned since i came off the pill in june. I'd heard good reports about it balancing out hormone levels and am a bit disappointed that i haven't seen any improvements so was wondering if anyone has had any success?

Cakebunny Mon 03-Oct-11 21:43:23

Me me! Although i suppose it's specualtive as to whether or not it was the tablets or not!
My periods didn't start when i came off the pill for 3 or 4 months either & then they returned to their pre pill erratic pattern between 30-90 days and after 2 years of trying read 'the fertily plan' & got the agnus castus tablets. Started it after a period had it for a month whilst doing the temperature chart thing to see if i was ovulating and haven't had a period got pregnant right away (so stopped the tablets pronto).
They probably don't work for everyone but try them for a bit longer.

Good luck.

Spananah Tue 04-Oct-11 09:07:13

Me too! Didn't get a period for nine months after stopping pill, all was well for six months, then didn't have another one for six months. Was very erratic after that - anywhere from 25 - 80 days. Went to the doctor for blood tests and it turns out I wasn't ovulating. Have been on Premular (a form of agnus castus) for three months now and am heading back to doctor's next month for tests, but I know that I am ovulating again (ewcm, much more regular and heavy periods, nurse at my recent smear test told me that I was ovulating when I went to see her).

Good luck - my doctor told me that it can take a while to work as it is a natural remedy, so stick with it!

flixy102 Tue 04-Oct-11 13:44:44

Yay! Thanks girls for the positive replies!
Shall keep popping the pills and hope for af to start becoming regularly or i'd settle for a bfp!!! grin

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