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lauraloo09 Mon 03-Oct-11 14:47:48

Hiya guys wonder if anyone can help me.

I was on Clomid for my first pregnancy and I have forgotten everything about it lol. DH and I have been ttc since march but it has been hard as not had a period since march i saw a consultant in sept and not due to see her again until january, she advised i could be suffering from PCOS but all blood work and ultrasounds have came back normal. I was wondering if i should ask my gp for clomid, can I be prescribed clomid without having a period? this is really starting to bring me down which i know wont be helping ttc

grateful for any advice xx

sleepingalot Mon 03-Oct-11 21:49:28

It won't hurt to go and chat to your GP about it. I'd make an appointment anyway and talk the whole situation through with her/him, it might help to off load how you're feeling too. Good luck

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