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ectopic pregnancy? information required.

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kitty03 Sat 25-Oct-03 18:10:14

i know ectopic pregnancies happen in the fallopian tube but what are the symtoms? i have not had a period yet, bout 35 days since last one but feel pregnant, during routine screening at hosp doc felt an enlarged ovary on my left side but no more got said about it as other issue was being dealt with. can anyone shed any light????

tamum Sat 25-Oct-03 18:12:18

Have a look at the link I left on your other thread, it lists the symptoms there.

kitty03 Sat 25-Oct-03 18:13:34

im getting confused with these threads, ill have a look :-)

kitty03 Sat 25-Oct-03 18:26:22

thankyou, i found that. i think i need to chat to my gp again. could be stress related i suppose, just that i know i could have got pregnant but tests are negative and having funny symptons. ive felt like ive been expecting my period for over two weeks...sore boobs and usual feelings but have had nausea and now this 'enlarged ovary' thing the clinic lady mentioned. as i say could be stress as also lost my job yesterday due to 2many doc apps and throwing up in staff toilet at work!

tamum Sat 25-Oct-03 18:30:53

I hope you're OK, kitty, but do just go to casualty if you're worried, and it would be definitely worth going back to your GP about the enlarged ovary. The clinic people sound incredibly offhand. Take care.

kitty03 Sun 26-Oct-03 18:31:10

I dont like to waste peoples time as i always panic about 'health' things. sometimes im right, sometimes im wrong but it makes sense to be concerned.yesterday evening i couldnt get warm yet my mum who got me a hot water bottle said the room was very warm. I thought i started my p this morn but just slight blood and that was is , now (without sounding disgusting) just watery blood...again that stopped. I think i'll chat 2 my mum but i think my dad is beginning to wonder whats wrong. Again 2day predictor test neg. Just dont what is going on!

coppertop Sun 26-Oct-03 18:40:04

Why not try calling NHS Direct? I know they can be pretty useless at times but they might have an idea.

kitty03 Sun 26-Oct-03 18:49:09

i think i might do. I'll let u know

coppertop Sun 26-Oct-03 18:51:30

Good luck, Kitty.

Paula71 Thu 30-Oct-03 23:49:54

Was all okay?

My first pregnancy ended with an ectopic. I didn't have the sharp pain most feel but started bleeding. I had found out I was pregnant on the Thursday, started bleeding on the Friday and by Tuesday was no longer a mum-to-be. Despite loosing a tube as it had already burst I have since had healthy twin boys, now toddlers, without any IVF or anything.

One thing Kitty, always get it checked. They are pretty prompt when it is possibly an ectopic. As soon as the blood test came back and they realised it wasn't a miscarriage I was literally ordered into hospital.

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