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2ww - should you follow pregnancy guidelines?

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StillinMyPJs Sat 01-Oct-11 13:40:29

Hi everyone

DH and I recently decided to TTC dc2 and I'm probably somewhere in the 2ww. (I don't remember the exact date of my LMP or even know how long my cycles are, but that makes it all the more interesting!)

Considering the fact that implantation does not happen until around 7dpo+ and nothing is connected to the blood supply until then, are there any guidelines as to what you should or shouldn't do during the 2ww?

I don't think that I'd go for an x-ray or anything like that, but should I cut out the caffeine completely and avoid deli meats, soft cheeses and wine, all of which I did when I was pregnant with ds?

I could quite easily go without all of the above with the exception of caffeine. Sometimes I just really need a nice cup of tea or coffee, especially as ds is not the best sleeper.

What do you think?

TheLittleFriend Sat 01-Oct-11 13:50:28

I'm sure people have a wide variety of views on this, but I would definitely think that the odd cup of tea is fine. I'm sure most people continue with that one even once a pregnancy is confirmed! Good luck with ttc

HaveALittleFaithBaby Sat 01-Oct-11 13:51:39

I think it's good in principle but it depends how long you're trying for. We've been ttc for two years and being that good for 1/2 that time would just be depressing.
Eat healthily, minimise your caffeine and alcohol intake. Take a multivitamin and folic acid. Try not to get too hung up!

nearlymumofone Sat 01-Oct-11 13:51:46

Personally I don't- my feeling is I don't know how long I'll be TTC #2 for (took me 6 months ttc#1), and going potentially years without alcohol, certain foods, caffeine etc would drive me insane and make me (even more) obsessed with ttc. I've got to say though, as I am ttc I have switched to (mainly) decaff anyway (maybe 3-4 costas a week only!) and make sure I don't overdo the booze and eat relatively healthily anyway. Good Luck

eurochick Sat 01-Oct-11 14:27:00

I am another long term ttcer and I definitely live more healthily than I did pre-ttc but I don't obey all pregnancy rules during the 2ww. It would just make not being pregnant each month more disheartening. It's a very personal choice. I have switched to decaff coffee or green tea instead of my strong espressos. I haven't given up alcohol entirely, but I have cut down, throughout the month. I still drink during the 2ww and I am not having more than 2 glasses a couple of times a week at any time. I am generally trying to eat healthily again all through the month, but I am continuing to eat parma ham, runny eggs, etc regardless of what day it is. You have to decide what balance is right for you.

StillinMyPJs Sat 01-Oct-11 14:27:48

Thanks for the quick replies.

That's exactly what I have been thinking. If it could take a year (or more) to conceive, then cutting out all the good things for potentially half of that is going to be a bit difficult.

I do eat healthily, have the occasional glass of wine and have found a decent decaf coffee, so there isn't really that much to obsess about, I was just wondering what other people did.

whereismywine Sat 01-Oct-11 20:06:44

Been trying for 11 months. My diet has changed a lot in that time and is very healthy in terms of fresh veg/fruit no processed food etc. I quit caffeine, but for health reasons too (ibs). I try to make lots of fresh juices with my juicer and do regular yoga and jogging.

But. I do drink wine throughout the month. I've found that 5-10 units a week feels doable and is rather less than I used to have. A unit is surprisingly small! It also means that when out with friends I can have one glass then switch to soft drinks, it stops the questions. I eat all foods that are on the pregnancy banned list and will continue to do so until I actually see two blue lines. Living totally vice free for an undetermined amount of time has been too much for me. I'm also doing far more than any of my friends who conceived in under 6 months.

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