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What fertility treatment can you get on the NHS?

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redgecko Thu 29-Sep-11 10:23:25

I know the criteria for IVF treatment vary between different Health Trusts. But what about fertility medicines like Clomid, and surgical procedures? Are these generally available to everyone, or controlled according to certain criteria? For what it's worth, I'm in my early thirties, one child already, normal BMI, but don't appear to be ovulating 6 months after stopping the pill. Jumping the gun massively here, as I haven't even seen a doctor about this yet (that's the next step), but would like to have a rough idea about available options. Thanks!

freelancescientist Thu 29-Sep-11 12:30:56

I'm afraid it very much depends on where you live. The postcode lottery is probably the worst it can be when you are talking about fertility treatment. Some will fund everything up to IVF if you already have a child, some won't pay for even investigations at a Gynae clinic. You need to see your GP as they will know what you are eligible for.

redgecko Thu 29-Sep-11 14:43:38

Thanks freelancescientist. Had no idea that some trusts might not even pay for initial investigations. Will see GP and see what they say.

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