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The Next Step - Fertility Investigations

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PieMistress Wed 28-Sep-11 12:57:02

Hi Peeps,

Just wondering if anybody could onpass some advice? I'm not sure what the steps are with regards to gyna/fertility treatment ie/ in what order do they do what tests? (I have one DS already that was conceived with no real problems however am 39 now)

I've had CD21 tests (the past 2 months have came back as 21 and 23, so not great) and having CD3 tests tomorrow. DH is waiting for an appt for his 'sample'.

My GP has referred me to the NHS fertility clinic. I do have private health care through work but there is no private clinic near me and there are no registered bupa consultants at the NHS fertility clinic.

BUPA have said they will cover the costs of an ultrasounds or investigations (ie/ hysteroscopy, lap & dye etc) at the nearby private gyna clinic.

I guess my question is, should I go and see the gyna consultant (guess I will get an appt quite quickly) and see what they say? They cannot prescribe clomid (for example) but could do any necessary investigations by the time I eventually get an NHS appointment at the fertility clinic?

Does my question even make sense, sorry! Is my GP allowed to refer me to 2 different hospitals?

Thanks in advance, Pie x

TryLikingClarity Wed 28-Sep-11 20:09:01

Hi, I don't have any answers for you sad but just wanted to bump your post up the section a bit in hope that someone more knowledgeable comes along soon!

Do you think it might be worth posting this again in General Health or your local MN area section in hope of getting more people seeing it?

Pocket1 Wed 28-Sep-11 20:19:14

Hi Peeps

I'm afraid i am no expert at all but i'm going through fertility treatment myself at the moment.

Why dont you check these guys out (they are REALLY fab)

You've said that you're not near any private clinics - but i'm sure they can give you a few pointers if you ring them. They did for me before i was 'on the books'.

In my experience, my GP was so lovely and i was able to get lots of blood tests etc done on the NHS - but they didn't know nearly as much about fertility as i thought they would.

Sorry that's not more helpful - and best of luck


PieMistress Wed 28-Sep-11 22:12:29

Thanks guys, my GP doesn't seem to be that clued up on fertility either although she's been very helpful in doing all the necessary blood tests I've asked for.

I think I will ask her about getting a referral for some ultrasounds, won't hurt and might ease the time inbetween having to wait for my NHS appt.

Thanks again

HaveALittleFaithBaby Thu 29-Sep-11 06:31:51

Tbh most GP's aren't great with fertility issues ime! Too specific I think. I agree, push for testing. See how much you could get done on NHS/look at waiting list. Depending on area affects what you're entitled to on NHS if you already have dc.
Have they looked at OH's swimmers? Be worth arranging that. Ask for a basic gynae referral, see what they offer on NHS and if it's slow/limited yiu could use your private healthcare to do the actual tests?

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