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Any1 NOT have Implantation pains/bleeding and been/is pregnant??

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Teenytiny Sun 25-Sep-11 21:51:15

I had Implanation pain with both DDs. I'm wondering if i don't have any pain/cramp/spotting can implanation still have occored if i havn't felt anything? I'm 10dpo and 5days till af due. had implantation pains with dds at a week after ovulation/a week before af.

apricotears Sun 25-Sep-11 22:16:04

I personally never experienced implantation bleeding, or any pain/discomfort at all, so I would say- yes it is possible :-)

WishingIWasLucky Mon 26-Sep-11 00:01:34

What does implantation pain feel like?

Teenytiny Mon 26-Sep-11 00:01:37

Thank you : -) puts my mind at ease a bit.

Teenytiny Mon 26-Sep-11 00:02:34

Well for me first time it was like really bad period pain.
2nd time cant describe it just terrible pain. but some people feel light cramping

RobynLou Mon 26-Sep-11 00:03:04

never had anything with DD1 or DD2. good luck!

WishingIWasLucky Mon 26-Sep-11 00:06:46

Good luck fx for your BFP:-) x

MamaMimi Mon 26-Sep-11 00:25:09

I had implantation bleed with dd1, (although didn't realise that's what it was at the time) but no pains. I had nothing with dd2.

kat2504 Mon 26-Sep-11 08:06:15

yes, I have never had it. Had a bit of early pregnancy spotting but it was later than what would be implantation bleeding. No pains at all. I think this implantation bleeding thing is not really the norm and is rarer than people would think.

rogersmellyonthetelly Mon 26-Sep-11 15:48:26

I had neither with ds1, we were trying, I was obsessively symptom spotting and noticed absolutely nothing out of the ordinary until my period didn't start.
With dd I noticed sharp stinging cramps from 6dpo to 8dpo, and 10dpo I got a bfp. I remember thinking that must have been implantation. I never had any spotting at all until 8 weeks when I had a threatened mc.

birdofthenorth Mon 26-Sep-11 15:59:07

Wishing I had grinding implantation pain with DD1. Like someone was turning a pepper mill in my uterus.

Teeny my AF is due in 5 days too and I'm obessively symtom spotting too (I've had none beyond the imaginery, so far, either)

legallyblond Mon 26-Sep-11 16:13:06

I never had a single symptom with DD.... until I realised I was a week late with AF. Even then, no symptoms (no sickness, no tiredness etc) until I actualy got a belly!

Absolutely no implantation bleeding/pains AT ALL.

DD turns one next week, so I would say it is possible!

Luce2006 Mon 26-Sep-11 17:18:06

Had no implantation bleeding/pain with my DS, with my second pregnancy which ended in miscarriage I had a little bit of pain but I thought my period was due to arrive and this time round I had some spotting at 10DPO

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