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Conception whilst BF

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katesterb Sun 25-Sep-11 20:52:50

I am currently feeding my baby of nearly 6 months, we are wanting another baby with not a massive gap between them but i know the chances of conceiving whilst bf are not that high? any experiences - comments to share?

FlipFantasia Mon 26-Sep-11 09:28:16

I don't know any statistics or anything but I think BFing has a contraceptive effect when you're not ovulating. Once you're ovulating again then you should be able to get pregnant. I think there's a ttc while BFing thread on here.

My period came back when my DS was 6.5 months, just after we introduced solids at 6 months so DS had started feeding slightly less intensively, though I didn't really start ovulating properly and having regular periods until he was 8 months. I then got pregnant when he was 11 months. Unfortunately miscarried but was pregnant again when he was 15 months. I'm now 14 weeks and due just after he turns 2 and still BFing (although only one feed a day).

This was all after we'd had IVF to conceive DS due to low sperm count in my DH (which is still a problem) so I definitely think BFing (once you're ovulating) doesn't interfere with conception now that I've conceived naturally twice in a short space of time!

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