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conception after d&c

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melliek Thu 23-Oct-03 18:16:12

How soon after you have a d&c can you become pregnant? If something were to happen that you would become pregnant within that month will the fetus grow safely?? Are there any women out there that have had this happen succesfully??

Furball Thu 23-Oct-03 20:29:18

I had a D & C in September 2000 and was pregnant by the end of October 2000, DS arrived August 2001 no problems. I was told if your body isn't ready for pregnancy after a D & C you won't conceive.

bunny2 Thu 23-Oct-03 21:24:28

Hi Melliek, you are asking all the questions that I want answered. Cant give a scientific answer but I was told to wait one cycle/one period at least before trying again as it was easier to date the pregnancy (please, who cares about dates, that is what scans are for). I have 2 friends who conceived immediately after mc (no d&c though), one had twins, the other had triplets. There are also women here on Mumsnet who have conceived immediately ie no period and have gone one to have healthy babies. One woman was told she had been able to have a healthy pg BECAUSE she was pg so soon after a m/c she still had plenty of hormones and these helped sustain her new pg. So, go figure! I need to wait for a period so I can start my fertility drugs, if that wasnt the case I'd be shagging away right now.

mears Thu 23-Oct-03 22:54:05

bunny2 - scan aren't totally accurate - it is so much better to have the date of the last period to confirm findings. When I miscarried I was advised to wait 3 months to try again. That was way too long for me. I waited for 1 period and fell pregnant after the second one. Successfully had dd.

quackers Fri 24-Oct-03 09:23:02

I waited 3 cycles as I didn't recover as quickly from the D and C. I stilll had a little bit of 'product' left and bled for a long time. So I would say, if you feel ready and you feel your body is healed and no longer bleeding or having irregular bleeding , go for it! Good luck. HTH

lucy123 Fri 24-Oct-03 09:47:41

bunny2 is right: you can get preg pretty damn sharpish after a d&c. However I was advised not to try for 3 months just to give my body time to recover (from the pregnancy, the d&c itself shouldn't cause any problems. Or at least no-one mentioned them). I followed this advice and got preg 6 months after mine.

But it's up to you. plenty of people do have pretty much consecutive pregnancies with no ill effects. I remember feeling extremely frustrated that i had to wait before trying again and probably would do so straight away if it happened again.

daisybob1 Thu 30-Oct-03 19:09:18

i didn't wait and got pregnant again within a couple of months - unfortunately i then had another miscarriage - looking back i think i tried too soon afterwards and my body just wasn't ready

hana Thu 30-Oct-03 19:29:21

I waited one cycle after my d&c before ttc again, and it took 2 months. Sadly I've lost that baby too but am still only waiting for another period and will ttc. again. Good luck. You should wait as long as you need too, I think the one month thing is for dates. But they can get that from a scan these days, so who knows!

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