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Cycle 7

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zehramay Fri 23-Sep-11 16:29:26

I'm now onto cycle 7 of ttc and since AF arrived I have been so tearful.

I have read that statistically the majority of couples trying for a baby conceive within 6 months and I'm so worried there is something wrong with me and it will never happen.

Please help me chill out!!

greenzebra Fri 23-Sep-11 16:43:17

oh you poor love, I think its only a third conceive in the first year or soemthing like that. Have you tried ov sticks? Do you stick your legs up in the air afterwards? It took me over a year to get pg and Im trying again at the moment in month 4, fx crossed we will get there soon.

Readynow Fri 23-Sep-11 16:54:19

Hope you are OK. I am just in cycle 8 & have not yet had a BFP so went to my GP last week all worried & convinced something was wrong. According to my GP a year to 18 months is completely normal (even for fertile/healthy couples) and for some it is up to 2 years. If you are worried go to the GP for day 3 & day 21 blood tests. If they come back OK the next thing is for your partner to have a SA. Far easier said than done I know but try not to worry. smile

eurochick Fri 23-Sep-11 17:12:01

It's really tough, isn't it?

I'm on cycle 11 and wasn't really preventing for a couple of years before that.

I think the statistics say something like 80% conceive within a year so hopefully you will fall within that majority.

If you are over 35 you should see the dr now to get the ball rolling. If not, you can try but the guidelines say you should be trying for a year before you are investigated if you are under 35.

Do you know when you ovulate? Are you definitely hitting the right days?

Signet2012 Fri 23-Sep-11 17:25:40

Hi Im on cycle 7. Feel the same way so dont feel you're on your own. It's awful but just try and relax about it. (easier said than done I know) The more you stress over it, the more your going to make yourself miserable which wont help you get that BFP. Most people I know its taken them either once or a year!

Check your in tune with your cycle (Im not) and know when you ovulate (I dont - but someone just showed me what I should buy so they are now ordered)

Im going to give it til Dec and then go to GP for some advice, Im holding off because I know Im fatter than I should be and that wll be his answer!

Af makes everything feel so much worse doesnt it sad Chin up though smile IT will happen!

PopcornMouse Fri 23-Sep-11 17:32:29

I just started cycle 7 ttc yesterday and had a good sob about it too, so know just how you feel. <<big hug>>

I think it's actually quite normal, though, tbh. We're told from a young age that we can get pg at the drop of a hat – gvt anti teen pregnancy propaganda (imho) – but truth is, it's not always that easy, and that's normal.

You can go and see your GP if you're worried, but I really don't think you need to be yet smile

WishingIWasLucky Fri 23-Sep-11 18:08:48

We'd been ttc for just over 2 years, then had a miscarriage at 8.2 weeks in march. Been ttc since then - nada. I think it does need patience and luck. But do speak with your gp. I think they say speak to gp after 1 year if under 35, 6 months if over 35/40. Having said that our tests came back as unexplained infertility- which is even more confusing?!

Karbea Fri 23-Sep-11 18:20:30

We've been trying for 11 months, on cycle 12, aren't alone, and it can take a while. You are not alone. If you are over 35 it's probably worth having a chat with your gp.

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