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option 1: SWI every other day? option 2: temping and Clearblue Fertility Monitor

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iloveberries Fri 23-Sep-11 08:06:13

Keen to fall asap (aren't we all!)

I charted for a few months before TTC. Cycles aren't too irregular and I am pretty sure i ovulate between day 17 and day 21 due to temp shift and timing of AF's arrival.

Month 1: Lots of SWI (at what I believe to be the right time). AF arrived on time.

Month 2: Do I take option 1 of lots of sex and put the thermometer and temp charts away. OR do I purchase a CBFM and continue with the charting?

In my heart I would prefer option 1 as I think less stressful, but of course like all of us i want to do whatever will help me conceive quickest!

Would really appreciate your thoughts, what has worked for you? what would you do?

Thanks so much

nearlymumofone Fri 23-Sep-11 08:39:49

well... personally I'm going with SWI every other day for the middle week of my cycle. That didn't work for me with ttc#1 though- the month I fell pg then we did it twice about 5 days apart and I don't even know when it was during the cycle... so who knows!!! personally I know charting etc would stress me out and i'd let it rule my life, which wouldn't be good for me. But if I'd been trying upwards of maybe 9 months I might start then.

kat2504 Fri 23-Sep-11 10:05:34

Stick with option one for a few months it is a lot less stressful. Do the sex even when you don't think it is the right time ie a bit earlier and a bit later too. Sex 3 times a week all month long apart from during your period if you don't want to will get you there in the end. Aim for a 4th time during when you think you are most fertile and you will have the best possible chance. This method is the least stressful and is more fun.

If you are temping I wouldn't fork out on a monitor. Perhaps combine with cheapie ovulation tests instead and monitor CM to get a better idea.
If you get a monitor I wouldn't bother with all the rest as the whole idea of the monitor is you don't have to faff around with temping.

greenzebra Fri 23-Sep-11 10:10:55

ok I shall tell you my story I tried option one for 8 months and got very stressed towards the end as I was making DH swi every other night and if we missed a night and didnt do it the next would get stressed, he thought he was performing all the time like a circus act or something and couldnt keep it going, he suggested getting ov packs and swi around that time and we got pg the very next month.

kat2504 Fri 23-Sep-11 10:37:19

Yeah 8 months is a long time to just do the nature option I would agree. Also once you have had a setback like a miscarriage then it's normal to want to do everything possible. Also some people simply don't fancy doing that much shagging to be honest! if it become a pressure to do it on a certain day rather than just a habit of at least 2-3 times without thinking about it, that can be very stressful.

Once you get to that stage, or if you simply know from the start that that much sex is never going to happen, Clearblue is definitely your friend.

iloveberries Mon 26-Sep-11 07:54:40

thanks ladies....

greenzebra - your story sounds familiar!! My DH wants to go the natural way but feels similar to your DH. I think as baby #1 came along the first month (on our honeymoon!) he thinks we could be that lucky again!

perhaps a couple of months of the 'fun' way first. I am such a control freak it's hard to not go out and buy every conception aid possible!!!

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