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Waiting TTC and new to MN!!!!

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IGGY8 Thu 22-Sep-11 20:01:36

Hi everyone!!

Just over a year ago I was a regular member of an onsite wedding forum and now here I am and a mumsy one smile

Its a little bit daunting joining such a bit forum but i had so much support and fun on the wedding one that i'm hoping to gain a similar experience with this one.

I'm not looking to TTC until December s aiming for a Sept 2012 baby, so its still awhile to go but I am bit of a planner!

Came of the pill 3 months ago after being on it for nearly 10 years. Cycle is still a bit strange, first cycle was 28 days, then 31 then 33!!!

Just really wanted to see if there are anyone out there on the same sort of time scale.... would love to share thoughts and tips etc.


moggle Thu 22-Sep-11 20:15:46

ooh I have been lurking around for the past few months and your thread persuaded me to finally delurk. I'm in very similar boat to you but we've been married 2 and a bit years. I'm currently finishing off a phd and champing at the bit to get on the baby wagon. Just got to give it a little longer as we're planning a trip to the US in May and I don't want to risk being too pregnant for that under any circumstances (obv it's extremely unlikely we'd get pg so quick after starting TTC but you never know).
Came off the pill a couple of weeks ago after being on it for 15 years (bloody hell...)... before I went on it had irregular cycle and lots of pain so not really looking forward to being au naturel again but then again I was 15 then! Little worried about having TTC problems as my parents took 6 years to conceive me but... fingers crossed!

IGGY8 Thu 22-Sep-11 20:47:29

Yeah i'm being a little optimistic with TTC bit, unfortunately (fortunately) most of my friends who have babies all seem to have got pregnant almost immediately from trying, so i have been lured into a false sense of security. I do understand it is not unusual for it to take up to a year of trying and still be deemed normal. hmm....

oh i just cant wait to get started!!! its just a really exciting part of our lives grin

alexeliza Thu 22-Sep-11 21:13:14

Hi Iggy!
We have the same idea - we are planning to start just after Christmas, when we head off on holiday. I've not come off the pill yet as I'm hoping to benefit from the fertility surge that you can sometimes get after coming off, so fingers crossed.
We're hoping for a September baby as well - although well aware that it might not work out as we might hope!!
I'm a planner as well, even though it still 3 months away. Roll on Xmas!!

celebmum Thu 22-Sep-11 21:28:18

Hi IGGY! hi all!

Ditto the waiting until dec to ttc! I've been married 2years and have a 17 month old DS. a sept 2012 baby would be the perfect gap for us.

I'm unable to take contraceptive pills etc so just plain old condoms for us, so still using. I caught on with DS straight away in the first month so will prob keep using them a little while longer!

Have any of you started taking folic acid supplements yet??

Good luck! smile

moggle Thu 22-Sep-11 22:37:16

Haha, DH finally bought some condoms today after I told him that having been in charge of contraception for the last 10 years of our relationship he could be in charge for the next 2-3 months... He said he was really embarrassed buying them and wanted to tell the cashier that yes they WERE for use with his wife...

We also have a lot of friends who were taken by surprise by how quickly you can get pregnant if everything works well so don't want to take any chances...

Haven't started taking folic acid yet. something to think about!

eurochick Thu 22-Sep-11 22:45:29

It's recommended to take folic acid 3 months before you start trying.

IGGY8 Fri 23-Sep-11 18:56:23

I'm in a very similar position - been on pill for nearly 10 years so husband (whom I've also been with for 10 years) know no different! He's been a bit moany and is not happy with the alternative contraception (tbh, I don't rate it either!) but I felt like I wanted to have a few natural cycles and make sure everything is in order first.

I have a funny story, so the first time we bought condoms (not counting the very first time 10 years ago!) I failed to tell him and I just chucked a pack into our weekly shop in sainsbury's. It was in in a plastic security sleeve so u can't really tell what it is, When the lady went to scan it, DH exclaimed "what is that??" ... Which I replied bright red "for us..." woman found it hilarious! Found it highly embarrassing!! (bearing in mind I am a 29 yr old married woman i don't know why Iam embarassed about it) :-)

Good reminder re folic acid!! So much so I just went to get some. Ended up spending £18 on the duo pregnacare and wellman conception pack. Not sure if it's essential for DH to take anything but I figured no harm right?! Liking the idea of a super baby .... Also think physcologically it might also get him to feel more part of the process?!?!

celebmum Mon 26-Sep-11 18:05:42

Ha ha at the supermarket story! Yep Ive started taking folic acid again so it's official! We are defo aim to start ttc after dec cycle! Yeah! grin

Ratata Mon 26-Sep-11 19:12:10

Helloooooo all smile Feel free to join us on the "waiting to try for a baby" thread here

I'm in and out of there now and again, catching up on the chat. I am also going to start TTC in December. I am currently on the pill and hoping for the 'surge' to get me when I come off and we start to try. I had a break from it last December and then had a pregnancy scare. I secretly hoped I was pregnant... but turned out it was a late period due to coming off the pill.

I am getting married in November so frequenting a wedding board as well. We will start TTC at the start of Dec as we want to go to one last metal gig together and get stuck into some circle pits. Circle pits and TTC probably don't go well together :p

TryLikingClarity Mon 26-Sep-11 21:29:48


DH and I have a 19 month old DS, and I'm planning on coming off the pill in Dec.... which seems to be a popular month here!

When ttc DS I came off the pill (after having been on it for almost a decade) and got pregnant within 3 months with no charting of temperatures, no ovulation kits etc... just lots and lots of sex wink

IGGY8 Tue 27-Sep-11 22:16:01

i think DH would be very happy with that suggestion wink

i know it wont happen straight away but you kinda have an expectation when you make the conscious to decision to start trying....
I really want a 2012 baby , have suggested to DH that maybe we can try a little earlier (as in now) but he is adamant that we wont start until the new year. I have tried explaining that it may not happen straight away but he's not havent any of it sad ..... just been reading some of the posts here and sounds like its not uncommon for peeps to be still ttc 6m+

does anyone know what the average is?

TryLikingClarity Wed 28-Sep-11 16:49:51

IGGY8 - I think average is between 6 months - 1 year... might be way off though!

I think age, weight, lifestyle and some other health factors might have a big impact. I was 24 when I got pregnant with DS, and I do think that age was on my side.

When I was ttc DS I used used a few different websites for info. Here is a useful link

Hope that helps!

redrhumba Sat 01-Oct-11 18:46:25

i'm also new and waiting to try for our second if i can convince dh about it. i'm currently on the pill too and wondered when this surge usually happens when you finish taking it?

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