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Please help....I'm so confused.

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leaky Thu 22-Sep-11 06:41:18

I know only time will tell but the past 2 & a half weeks has been torture & tomorrow I'm going away for a girly weekend & don't want anything to spoil it (for me or my friends really)

So the story is that I have been almost 100% certain that I'm pregnant. I have done 7 tests now that say I'm not including a FR an hour ago.But I've been on tablets which I've just weaned off but they could possibly have affected my urine samples.

I am not imagining my symptoms. They have been much stronger than in my previous 3 pg's & I could only be 5wks 2 days. I began with headaches & indigestion over the 2 days I ovulated ( never happens). Headaches on & off all wk also lightheadedness. Hungry quickly after snacks,dull period pain for few days about 9dpo & generally not feeling right.

I woke up this a.m at 5am with a slight pain across my stomach. I wee'd into a pot then wiped. Nothing. Did my test & as usual not pg.Wiped again,digging a bit deeper (sorry tmi) & found some pinky cm. Got back in bed thinking, ok I'm not pg, I can cope with that ( already have my hands full with 3 dc & not planning a 4th). Then my mind began to wander, what if I'm gonna have an eptopic, what if a dr doesn't take me seriously & doesn't care about my w/e away, what if there's not a local epu (living in a little village), what if it's not that important to a dr & I end up spoiling my 3 friends weekend away by ending up in hospital.

I know it might not come to that but I've been all over the place in my mind. Also we're trying to move to a new area & so have been now considering houses with another extra bedroom, or the potential for one, just in case!


Please help me sad

kat2504 Thu 22-Sep-11 10:38:40

I'm sorry you are so worried. I think there is a fair chance that you are worrying yourself without good reason though. Do you know when you ovulated and is it more than 16 days ago? Only fertility drugs affect pregnancy tests as far as I am aware.
The chance of ectopic is very very slim. Rarely some people can have an ectopic without getting a positive urine test, but that is unusual. Hopefully you will be able to go on your weekend and relax a bit. Maybe the pain/pink you had is your period coming. Make an appointment to see the doctor and ask for a pregnancy blood test. Obviously if you have severe pains get yourself to a hospital - I'm sure your friends will be more concerned that you are ok.

WishingIWasLucky Thu 22-Sep-11 12:12:08

Really sorry to hear the position you find yourself in Leaky. Can only reiterate what kat has already said. Hope you get the result you want. But most definitely, if you find yourself in any discomfort or pain go to the hospital to get yourself checked out. (((Hugs)))

leaky Thu 22-Sep-11 13:44:50

Thanx so much kat2504 & WishingIWasLucky. I went to the dr's this morning & he was very sympathetic. He did a blood test for me so I'll get the results tomorrow but said it's very unlikely I am pg. Think he's right & think my AF is on it's way now which I'm more than happy about. If I was pg we'd cope but to not be pg makes life a whole lot easier. I'm just so relieved I can now enjoy this weekend with my friends. I can't believe how my body could do that though. I had very real symptoms from the word go, no wonder I've been confused.

Thanx again x

kat2504 Thu 22-Sep-11 13:49:50

I'm glad you have been seen and the dr was nice. Hopefully your blood results will be all clear and you can have a lovely weekend. If you were not all that careful with contraception I suppose the symptoms could have been due to a very early chemical pregnancy, but the most likely explanation is just an off month with extra pms and a wonky period.

Havingkittens Fri 23-Sep-11 23:34:40

What kind of medication have you been on leaky? When you say you've been weaning yourself off it makes me wonder if you're taking Prednisolone or some other kind of steroids.

I am on Prednisolone as a treatment to hopefully overcome recurrent miscarriage and can tell you that the first month I was on there I couldn't work out if the symptoms I was experiencing were pregnancy or the steroids. I have been pregnant 6 times so am very familiar with the symptoms and they can be very similar to the side effects of the steroids. These include, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, shakiness, dizziness, spaced out feelings, hunger, thirst, weeing a lot and headaches. All very typical pregnancy symptoms. They can also delay menstruation, which could explain a late period too. I have also been very conscious in the 6 months of being on this treatment (and never previously) of cramping at around 7dpo and a couple of others on the "TTC or Pregnant on Prednisolone or similar" thread have said the same.

Of course I may be way off the mark here and you might be on completely different meds, or pregnant even, but I thought I'd mention it in case it solved the mystery at all.

Don't know whether you're TTC or just worried in case you are pregnant but either way I hope you get whichever result you hope for.

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