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Could I have had a CP/MC?

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HomemadeCakes Wed 21-Sep-11 11:59:12

Hi there,

Decided last month to stop trying NOT to get PG with the intention to just see what happens and then start actively TTCing in January.

SWId on days CD6-8-10-12 and OVd on day 14. I then thought that I still saw some EWCM on day 15 so thought that maybe I'd OVd late but couldn't be sure.

Anyway, because of that didn't think that I'd be PG at all, hadn't bought any PG tests or even really thought about it. I was due on last Monday, 12th and nothing. I was getting cramps etc like AF was impending, but still nothing. I am always pretty regular (within 1 or 2 days) so thought it unusual but didn't think PG.

By Friday, still no AF but constant cramping all week (I only ever get AF pains on CD1, possibly 2 but never more than that).

So on Friday bought some PG tests, did one on Friday PM and one on Saturday AM, both BFNs. Then on Saturday evening AF started. So I was 5 days late and getting lots of PG symptoms.

Since then, my AF only lasted a couple of days, but now, each time I go to the loo, there is blood in my CM, pinky blood or sometimes brown blood, but more importantly, I am still getting cramps and really painful twinges 'down there' and have the most horrendous lower back pain that's started today, along with painful twinges in my breasts (one in particular).

Has anyone got any ideas what might be going on? confused

kat2504 Wed 21-Sep-11 12:13:08

I would go and see a doctor if you are worried. There are all sorts of possibilities ranging from a harmless wonky period, a CP, or a potentially dangerous ectopic. A woman I know had an ectopic but only ever got bfns on home tests.
If you are in pain then getting checked out and making sure it isn't anything sinister is always a good idea.

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