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is cm post ovulation a sign of pregnancy?

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iloveberries Tue 20-Sep-11 15:31:58

Hi ladies - i am TTC and think i have already gone a bit nuts with too much analysis.

I want to get pregnant quick as my husband will be working away for several months after christmas so hoping to fall before he goes. I fell very quickly with my DS. With DS i did nothing, just lots of sex and we were VERY lucky I know.

This time I have done OPKs, temp charting and CM monitoring to try and help things along.

I usually have a 31-34 day cycle and noticed the temp shift from day 18-20 with sharp pains, however I had no EWCM. Since around day 23 I have been having discharge which i usually don't get post ovulation. So i am wondering if this could be a sign of pregnancy? or if i ovulated 4 or so days after the temp shift and stomach pains? I did a first response test yesterday (negative) but AF not really due till fri so i am still holding out hope..

DId anyone else have CM post ovulation when they were pregnant?

I am pretty sure I am kidding myself.... sad

PieMistress Wed 21-Sep-11 12:14:53

Bump - also interested to hear of any replies!

iloveberries Wed 21-Sep-11 12:58:28

hi piemistress! I was kidding myself. period arrived this morning...... like an unwanted visitor first thing in the morning sad

Back on it next month i guess!!

I know last month we had a lot of sex during and around ovulation but that was not enough... think next month I will ditch all the monitoring and just have the sex!!!

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