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Sterilisation reversal and ttc

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Mummyinggnome Sun 18-Sep-11 00:24:42

I'm looking at going to have my clips taken off after being sterilised last year during a c- section. We have three babies already but I SO don't feely like our family is complete and would love to have one more.
I realise an almighty cock up on my part to have thought being sterilised was a good idea...
But my question is - how long has it taken people to fall pregnant after the reversal? It was v v quick with the the our other babies...
Many thanks,

hiccymapops Sun 18-Sep-11 00:31:01

I'm no expert, but my neighbour had her sterilisation reversed late last year, and is expecting dc no 3 in October. Obviously it will differ for everyone, but she conceived very quickly.

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