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would you make a complaint?

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missblah Mon 12-Sep-11 08:31:20

I have been suffering from gynae probs now for approx 4 years but despite it all i was lucky enough to have a little boy last year, the doctor had suggested that my problems may clear up during pregnancy due to hormone changes but unfortunately not so I had some further tests done following his arrival but still nothing turned up. I visited my GP 2 months ago to discuss having another baby and ask if any further tests would be advisory before trying, to which she replied no an I could go ahead and try, however a couple of weeks later my smear test reminder came through the door, this suggests to me that she didnt even look at my notes as I would have thought that someone with my history should have been advised to have that test before attempting to concieve again (could they even have done the test if i had fallen pregnant?). My smear test has returned as abnormal and I have an appointment with the doctor to discuss this tomorrow morning. Im just wondering if anyone has an opinion on this as at the moment im so angry and frightened im prob not thinking as clearly as I usually would be.

greenzebra Mon 12-Sep-11 08:39:25

I would have thought she should have said something about that to you. When I went to the doctors a few weeks ago for a related issue they mentioned that I would be called in soon, but also she mentioned that I would have had a smear even if I was pg. Not sure if this helps you.

missblah Mon 12-Sep-11 10:27:17

Thankyou yes that is of help just to know that you GP had looked at your records, I just cant get my head round what has gone on at the min.

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