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anyone ovulate after day 20?

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happyforthemostpart Fri 09-Sep-11 17:03:00

just wondering what real life scenarios ladies have?
thanks for helping!

squishysquashy Fri 09-Sep-11 17:11:50

Do you mean within the average 28 day cycle? If you have a longer cycle then you will definitely ovulate later than that I think it's supposed to be approximately a week before period starts.

EverSoLagom Fri 09-Sep-11 17:12:11

I ovulate on day 22 of a 31 day cycle, not ideal. I usually start spotting before then too. Short luteal phase is pretty common it seems but also not the best news, since it can mean that there isn't enough time for progesterone to build up before implantation. It's also connected to early miscarriages if the egg does manage to hold on.

We've been ttc for about a year now and finally my GP has offered blood tests to check i'm definitely ovulating (i use OPKs, not charting so there's a possibility i'm detecting the hormore surge but not ovulation itself) and check progesterone levels. But tbh her general attitude is "wait and see" which doesn't really cut it for me at this point!

I've been told that taking high dose Vit B6 (in a vitamin B complex pills) can regulate cycles and lengthen the luteal phase but haven't started taking any, i'm still deliberating. I think that if my progesterone levels come back low then i'll try to convince the GP to prescribe progesterone cream or suppositories to try and crack it.

This turned out to be quite a long answer, sorry! What's your situation, OP?

EverSoLagom Fri 09-Sep-11 17:14:34

Oh, cross post with squishy blush sorry for rambling on!

If you have a long cycle then you will certainly ovulate later but you want to have 10 days or more between ovulation and the first day of your period for best chance of TTC (that's the luteal phase).

happyforthemostpart Fri 09-Sep-11 18:21:37

eversolagom - sorry your GP isn't being overly helpful..... seems to be a common problem sad

We are TTC number 2. With our first i just came off the pill and it happened (very lucky i know.)

For number 2 I came off the pill again a couple of months ago and first cycle was 31 days with ov on day 21 (i think from natural symptoms) second cycle was 34 days with ov on day 20 and today i am on day 20 with no real signs??!!

Thinking I am over analysing it all but it's hard not to!!

MiniH Fri 09-Sep-11 20:07:17

Typically you ovulate 14 days before af so day 20 not wrong if your cycle is 34 days. But if you are not tempting or using ov sticks then unless you are very good at reading signs you won't know for certain when you ovulate. May make you analyse it less if you temp or use stocks as then you will know either way. For what it's worth my cycles were v irregular for 11 months post pill so it can take a while to settle.

happyforthemostpart Sat 10-Sep-11 12:18:07

i am charting and looking for signs which were there last month..... but so far nothing! day 21 today - weird.

EverSoLagom Sat 10-Sep-11 13:37:52

Hmm, it is tricky. It may be that your cycle isnt fully regular after coming off the pill. Personally i find it fairly easy to work out my ovulation date without OPKs and sounds like its been easy for you. Perhaps it might be worth using OPKs for a month just so you know where you stand. But on the face of it your cycle dates would seem ok smile Good luck trying!

happyforthemostpart Sat 10-Sep-11 16:59:01

i have been using the OPKs but they are saying that i am not ovulating yet... I think you are right EVERSO and it is probably just regulating after the pill....

who knows?!! It's early days though so i will try not to stress!!

FemaleEuknickers Sat 10-Sep-11 17:05:33

Have twice got pregnant shagging on day 27 of my usual 28 day cycle. It would appear that the only two times that my cycle was out of whack, that i took a risk and DH has some kind of nuclear power sperm.

WishingIWasLucky Sat 10-Sep-11 17:11:03

FemaleEuKnickers: but how is that possible? That would mean you have a luteal phase of one day- how would that support a pregnancy? Maybe I'm not knowledgeable enough yet: hence no dc! Please enlighten me! TIA

shushpenfold Sat 10-Sep-11 17:14:26

Hi - I know exactly when I conceived all 3 of my children (raging thrush before the first one and only did it once that month, tummy bug for 1 week with the second and tried to avoid getting pg with the 3rd one!) No1 was on day 14 (boy), no 2 was on day 8 (girl) and no 3 was on day 23 (girl) Bizarre but true!

WishingIWasLucky Sat 10-Sep-11 17:21:47

Wow shush! Was that on a regular 28 day cycle?

FemaleEuknickers Sat 10-Sep-11 18:04:48

I wish i could explain it. All i can think is both of the weird months i had had very stressful times and that might have mucked things around a bit. They were also the only times my DH and i had sex (see stress ref) and so no room for any confusion. Anyway, i have a larger family than i thought and couldn't be happier.

FemaleEuknickers Sat 10-Sep-11 18:05:06

with the kids!

happyforthemostpart Sat 10-Sep-11 18:20:37

female - that is really interesting.... and you're right, your partner must have supersperm!!

shushpenfold - that is very interesting.... i've also read the gender is related to timing and it would seem in your case it is true!!.... was it on a 28 day cycle?

FemaleEuknickers Sat 10-Sep-11 18:39:23

oh and girls were conceived on the 27th day.

AmandaCooper Sat 10-Sep-11 19:32:57

WishingIwaslucky those two cycles where she OV'd late she would still have had the same length luteal phase. I regularly OV on day 20, but it was randomly day 15 this cycle. My period will still come eleven days after OV, it will just be a 26 day cycle instead of the usual 31.

WishingIWasLucky Sat 10-Sep-11 19:53:23

Okaaay... Beautifully explained Amanda. That means she would have expected her period to arrive later had she not conceived. Got it! Just a bit new to this. Thanks for the info!

AmandaCooper Sun 11-Sep-11 00:12:14


AmandaCooper Sun 11-Sep-11 00:14:34

Seriously I've been at this temping and charting game so long I'm bored of it. If you have questions, get on Amazon and order Taking Charge of Your Fertilty.

AmandaCooper Sun 11-Sep-11 00:18:15

Oops that sounds like I don't want to answer your questions - which is totally not the case! Just it's a really good book.

WishingIWasLucky Sun 11-Sep-11 00:44:52

Now it's my turn to blush... Got TCOYF- had a brisk skim. Don't have much EWCM or ANY mucus to speak of, so figured wasn't for me. Also temp taking seemed too much hassle. Maybe I need to take this a bit more seriously as ttc is defeating us a bit! Promise to look into it tomorrow. :-)

AmandaCooper Sun 11-Sep-11 09:43:37

There's all sorts of rumours (I say rumours because it's too easy to read something on the Internet and internalise it as god given truth!) about what you can do to improve your secretions. I'm now on a (probably completely unnecessary and possibly harmful) cocktail of vitamins and minerals and I once (as you do) inserted a whipped raw egg white as a substitute because I read it on the Internet! Oh yes and did I mention I'm not even TTC? My DH doesn't want children. I'm just completely bonkers. sigh

happyforthemostpart Sun 11-Sep-11 09:44:43

Wishing - you may still be able to pinpoint ovulation? I think i may have ovulated as noticed the temp shift though i haven't really had any CM or a +ve OPK.... maybe it's still possible though?

Female - I still can't believe you conceived twice on day 27!! amazing smile

Amanda - your advice is very helpful too. This TTC is new to me so great to have sich good info. Thank YOu

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