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Newbie to all this lark...

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wellerbabe Fri 09-Sep-11 14:37:50

Hello all, I have just been reading lots of threads on here and feel really comforted at the stories and know that whatever happens over the coming months there are lots of you out there on the same journey. I have a 10 year old son from a previous relationship and have a lovely new partner that I would dearly love to have a child with (I am 41 he is 35 and has no kids). Just started the process of finding out what's wrong or that maybe we just need some assistance! I am being treated by Miss Beski and I am going for a Hycosy tomorrow morning with Dr Sabatini - has anyone been treated by either of them ? Not looking forward to it but I have heard lots of stories of women conceiving straight after so that's promising. She plans to do blood tests next week too test FSH levels etc. I think I might have problems with tubes as one was stuck to my pelvis a couple of years ago and I have had cysts in the past. Any advice welcome smile

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