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Ovulation sticks - reliability - anyone got experience??

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happyforthemostpart Thu 08-Sep-11 14:46:47

Myself and my husband are TTC number 2 smile

I have had irregular cycles so bought some ov sticks to try and help me pinpoint ovulation which have so far been coming up as negative. Just tested at midday and one (first response) looks positive (2 dark pink lines) but i tested the same pee with clearblue digital ov sticks and got a negative... I did only use it with 3 hour old pee (sorry for the gory detail!) so maybe it wasn't long enough for clearblue. OR maybe i am not ovulating soon and the pink lines weren't the same colour - it's so bloody hard to tell when you're squinting at this thing isn't it.....

I don't have any other signs of ov (CM etc) BUT I am on day 19 of my cycle... been getting negatives on OPKs since day 14 with no other real signs of OV....

If anyone would be kind enough to spare a few mins if you have experience i would be most grateful.

Thank YOu!!

eurochick Thu 08-Sep-11 15:05:42

I found the CB digital ones pretty accurate. I got a clear smiley face every month, just for one day usually.

I tested around 2pm.

Why do you think you need to use old pee? Or do you mean that you waited for 3 hrs between wees to let the hormones build up?

How long is your cycle usually? Day 14 might be too late to start testing.

GTR2882 Thu 08-Sep-11 15:50:36

happy if you tested with the same pee then i think it will have been negative because the hormone decreases after a certain amount of time - i usually throw away my pee straight away to avoid this from happening! And also make sure that you do not consume any liquids for at least 2 hours before you test so that you do not dilute your wee!!! smile

WorzselMummage Thu 08-Sep-11 15:54:35

They have worked for me several times but I found i needed to do 2 a day to catch the surge, I used to 8am and 4pm..there is some reason you're not supposed to do it at nighti think but I'll be buggered if I can remember what it is, sorry blush

The cheapies work just as well as the expensive ones. Stop wasting money on clearblue anything!

Sn0wGoose Thu 08-Sep-11 16:45:52

I have used asda own brand and boots own brand with little success, but the cheap-o ones from Amazon have worked for me this month smile

You need to test after 10am according to the packet, as it takes time for the hormone to build up or something.

GTR2882 Thu 08-Sep-11 16:58:41

I'm with sn0wgoose on this - I normally test between 5:30pm and 8:00pm (mainly cos of work) but the LH surge increases throughout the day! I have also been testing up to 3 times a day because a surge can start and finish in 24 hours and testing once might not pick it up! I am a POAS addict though so any chance I can get really grin

happyforthemostpart Thu 08-Sep-11 21:03:45

Hi Ladies - thanks so much for the helpful advice. i really appreciate it.

I meant i hadn't peed for 3 hours (and clearblue says to wait for 4) not that i had left the pee out for 3 hours... sorry i wasn't very clear!

Did another clearblue after holding it in for 4.5 hours (a pb i think!) and got a negative so I guess maybe that means it's not OV on it's way and the first response was a bit dodgy (the lines are hard to distinguish).

I have just come off the pill a few months ago and cycle one was 31 days with ov around day 21 and last month 34 days with ov at day 20. (At least i think they were the days as i wasn't using ov sticks but was temp and CM charting). Anyway - I am on day 19 and thought i might ov tomorrow but i guess not. I have been testing twice a day too....

Anyway - i guess it will happen at some point- just hope i catch it!!

ANy other advice??!


GTR2882 Thu 08-Sep-11 21:53:41

All I can suggest is for you to continue temping, checking CM and POAS and get in plenty of SWI every other day but if you think you are gonna ov soon then maybe every day just to make sure! Do you check your cervical position? This can also help determine ov - when soft, high, open and wet you can be sure ov is either happening or is about to! Low and firm and closed means not smile

happyforthemostpart Fri 09-Sep-11 08:42:30

thanks for the advice.... having lots of sex but finding it a bit sciency so might abandon all the testing next month!

taytotayto Wed 14-Sep-11 21:08:37

can i ask why if you use the clearblue single digis your best testing around 2pm as thats when the ov hormone is at its peak but (if like me) you use the clearblue ov monitor you test with fmu and within the 2 hour time frame each morning. i have my clearblue fertility monitor to thank for two beautiful little babies and ive just found out im pregnant again. so i did ovulate when the monitor said i did so i have no idea what the difference is in them.

londonmackem Wed 14-Sep-11 21:19:43

Used them first month of trying - no ovulation. However no period either and now 8 weeks pregnant. I wouldn't worry about it - just keep having lots of sex.

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