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Period 3 days late but negative test - should I bother testing again?

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DayToNightBarbie Wed 07-Sep-11 15:01:09

Hiya, would be grateful for any advice!

My period was due on sunday. I took a test on monday and then yesterday morning, first thing - both negative. The tests I used were Tesco ones. In the instructions, it said that if you get a negative test after your period is due, you're very unlikely to be pregnant.

Thing is, I'm three days late now and I'm never late. But wonder if it's utterly pointless to spend any more money on a test if the negative result is as definite as it sounds like it is (from the advice in the leaflet). Has anyone had a positive result after a negative result from a test taken after period was due??

I'm desperately hoping so sad

MammaInTheMaking Wed 07-Sep-11 15:09:06

I tested when i was 3 days late and got a BFN. Was gutted and like you i'm NEVER late. Then i was 8 days late i was getting reeeaaalllllyyyy frustrated. So tested again and BFP!! Don't lose hope. Give it a few days and maybe take another test. Don't stress though.

kat2504 Wed 07-Sep-11 15:14:04

yep, you may just have ovulated late this month. Not worth spending loads on daily testing in case your period comes late after all, but definitely worth another try when you are 7 days late.

DayToNightBarbie Wed 07-Sep-11 15:17:47

Oh thank you MammaInTheMaking and congratulations on your pregnancy! smile

I shall try not to stress - keep telling myself I can't possibly be pregnant as the tests were negative, but I'm just trying not to get my hopes up too much.

DayToNightBarbie Wed 07-Sep-11 15:19:32

Thanks kat2504 smile Will try and hold out til the weekend before buying another test if AF still doesn't show up.

MeconiumHappens Thu 08-Sep-11 12:36:53

Hi smile
Ive had this twice. The firstmonth of ttc i was 7 days late, bfn every day (was peeing on cheapy internet strips) then af came.
This month was 8 days late, bfn every morning with fmu. Then poas in the evening of 8 days late, very very feint hint of a line, didnt believe it for a second, quickly went to shop, go a cb digi, didnt even wait for a goof fmu, just did it there and then and was positive. So, it could go either way, but its definately not over til the fat lady (or cb digi!) sings!

Good luck. I would never have believed its possible to get such a late bfn followed by bfp, but im now 7 weeks and cb digi keeps going upwards smile Also, i usually ov around the same time (cd20) and have implantation bleed around 11dpo, so i dont think it was an very late ov or anything, just took a while to get enough hormone.

millyv Thu 08-Sep-11 13:42:33

I would leave it another day or so and then maybe try testing with another brand of test, they all test for different levels of the hormone, if you're getting worried you could always try your gp?

DayToNightBarbie Thu 08-Sep-11 14:41:02

Wow, Meconium, 8 days til you got a positive?? The waiting must have been driving you insane! Congratulations, by the way smile

millyv I did hope wonder if it was because the Tesco tests were crap but have done a bit of googling and the general consensus seems to be that they're pretty reliable, sadly...

Still no AF but I'm sure I'm not pregnant even though there are no AF signs yet - no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever and with my DS, my boobs were killing me from the start. Oh and I got a bfp the day before AF was due then. I just wish AF would happen now, think I'd rather have the disappointment over with than have this not quite hope lingering on! Thanks for the advice smile

millyv Thu 08-Sep-11 15:19:11

I know how you feel, I hate being late and having no symptoms, all you can think about is getting your AF to start your new cycle!

I am currently Cd21, usually have 25 day cycles and absolutely cr*pping it as I have mega sore boobs and am totally shattered for no real reason, trying not to get my hopes up as I'm sure that I'm hallucinating symptoms each month!

I didn't mean that the tesco ones weren't any good but I'm sure that I've read somewhere different ones test for different levels of hormones which is why some can be used earlier than others - saying that I may have made that up to?!!?

Congrats Meconium, fingers crossed we'll both be joining your club soon!


DayToNightBarbie Thu 08-Sep-11 15:43:35

I am currently Cd21, usually have 25 day cycles and absolutely cr*pping it as I have mega sore boobs and am totally shattered for no real reason, trying not to get my hopes up as I'm sure that I'm hallucinating symptoms each month!

Oooooh that sounds very promising!! Know what you mean about hallucinating symptoms but sore boobs is definitely a good sign wink Crossing my fingers that you get your BFP this month!

I won't be able to try again, unfortunately. We're not ttc, just had a drunken 'accident' a couple of days before I ovulated. DP hasn't ruled out another DC but doesn't want to try for another year. I'm gutted about that as I've just turned 35 and am starting to worry about running out of time (have also worried if this late/absent AF is the start of the menopause but hopefully that's just paranoia!). So I'm being uber self pitying right now as I can't help feeling that may have been my last chance sad [tiny violin emoticon]

millyv Thu 08-Sep-11 16:26:14

I swear each month so far I have been showing different symptoms! TTC turns you crazy!

Fingers crossed for you that you get your BFP soon, maybe leave a day or so and then try another test?

I have no medical knowledge to base this assumption on but I don't think it's the onset of the menopause, surely you are too young?!?!

Talk to your DP and tell him how you feel, he won't know how you are feeling unless you let him know!

Fingers crossed for you! :0

themightyskim Thu 08-Sep-11 16:52:30

I was 9 days after before I got a positive - may have shown earlier but three days after I tested and got a negative so I waited a while feeling like a fraud x

mungojerrie Thu 08-Sep-11 18:37:36

Hi, I am in the same boat. Regular 29 day cycles but am on day 32 now. Testing neg so far. Am feeling in a sense of limbo and wish I knew one way or the other!!

DayToNightBarbie Fri 09-Sep-11 09:10:49

millyv he knows how I feel, we've discussed it and his big compromise is that we can maybe ttc a year from now - before that, he was very anti having more kids, full stop. So I'm going to have to content myself with that and try not to panic too much about how old I'll be when we finally do ttc!

Caved in and did another test last night, still bfn. 5 days late now and no AF signs whatsoever hmm Still, if I'm not pregnant at least I'll be able to drink at my wedding in 2 weeks time <tries desperately to look on the bright side>

themightyskim you must have nerves of steel to have managed not to test for another 6 days!! Big congrats on your pregnancy smile

mungojerrie good luck! This waiting is horrid isn't it? Are you testing every day? Really hope you get your bfp smile

themightyskim Fri 09-Sep-11 09:52:19

daytonightbarbie not nerves of steel just have been testing every month thinking jesus there must be a positive in here, was starting to get a bit embarrassed ha ha - trust me to hold back on the month I actually was!!!!

millyv Fri 09-Sep-11 11:30:51

themightyskim I know how you feel about the testing front, most months I would have done about 3 tests by now but trying not to get my hope up too much... however I now possess the most sensitive of noses, even a pizza my DH was cooking last night made me queasy! I am out for a birthday lunch tomorrow so am thinking I might test in the morning incase I can't drink - fingers crossed!

daytonightbarbie, firstly congrats on your wedding, I got married this year - it was a fabtastic day and you will love it too! Maybe your body is reacting to all of the nervous energy you are creating and making your period late?

DayToNightBarbie Fri 09-Sep-11 13:07:05

Yeah I was like that when ttc my first themightyskim - had so many BFNs that when I tested with DS, I was resigned to it being negative again. I remember wondering why I was even bothering putting myself through it - SUCH a shock to finally get my BFP!

Thanks millyv, I'm really excited about getting married, maybe all the adrenalin is doing something weird to my cycle... 'tis all most odd. Good luck with your test tomorrow!!! It's sounding suspiciously like you may be up the duff grin

millyv Fri 09-Sep-11 22:07:01

Agh thanks ladies, sat her with a glass of wine- if it's going to be 9 months of no drinkingthen I thought best to have one on the lady night! smile !!!xx

millyv Fri 09-Sep-11 22:08:04

Bloody iPhone.... Ahhhh not agh!! And also last night not lady night! X

mungojerrie Sun 11-Sep-11 13:36:36

Any news from anyone?

I took a first response this morning, still negative - but still no sign of AF. Just for interest, I took an ovulation test yesterday which was positive. On day 34! So have no idea what is up.

millyv Sun 11-Sep-11 14:09:53

Afternoon ladies!
No news from me yet, absolutely no sign of af boobs are still really tender so fingers crossed, tomorrow is the big day - I decided not to test early so fingers crossed it will all be good news in 24 hours! Hope you're all having a good weekend! Xx

DayToNightBarbie Mon 12-Sep-11 12:25:51

Well AF finally showed up on Saturday, 6 days late. I'm disappointed but ok about it, just glad I know one way or the other so I can move on IYSWIM. Roll on next summer, when DP has said we can officially start trying!

Any news, mungo and milly???

millyv Mon 12-Sep-11 12:31:33

Ahh daytonightbarbie, really sorry to hear that, glad you are sounding positive though - just think you can have a few glasses of champagne on your wedding day now! wine

No news hear, have been out to buy a test as no sign of AF either today but don't need to pee now... just need to wait and see now! Xx

millyv Mon 12-Sep-11 13:17:44

Just did a test and got a BFN - am now confused though as usually get signs before AF is coming and nothing so far - are these tests accurate if you do them in the day or should you only use your first sample of the day? confused!

BookAnt Mon 12-Sep-11 13:21:21

Hi Milly,

Been lurkin on this thread for a couple of days. As far as I know - with regard to pee lol - you use your first morning pee, because it would be most concentrated with Hcg (if it's present) because you have been asleep for 8hourse give or take. But if you test during the day then your pee isn't as concentrated.

Does that make sense? smile

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