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CLOMID first timer....

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cheekycurls Mon 05-Sep-11 17:52:34

I can't seem to find any clomid threads that are active, so thought I would start this one.

Currently just finished taking my last tablet (50mg) on my first month of clomid, I'm very excited & nervous at the same time.

So many things going on in my head, no one to really talk to, symptoms are a bitch (but must mean something is working if I have symptoms yeah?!) confused

has anyone taken clomid without being monitored? My consultant isn't going to scan me to check on follicles, I just have to go back to see her in 3 weeks (not sure what for?) blush

Really hoping this works! hmm

But if anyone wants to join me on a clomid ride, share info or success stories, feel free to...... smile

PinkCustard Tue 20-Sep-11 17:44:35

Ooh Florin would you please report back to let me know what your specialist says about progesterone? I too am drinking pineapple juice - I don't do grapefruit juice before ov just because I really detest it and I haven't had a problem with lack of EWCM from the clomid as yet, although have taken Evening Primrose Oil in the past and it seemed to help. Thanks for the reminder, I haven't had my honey yet today! Not really liking it much, it's ok(ish) in porridge but I didn't want porridge this morning - will force a spoonful down later...

Good luck for your scan on Tuesday, that should be interesting. I've just been left to it, although told to go for day 21 blood tests twice over the 9 months he prescribed clomid for hmm

cheekycurls Thu 22-Sep-11 15:01:27

pink i'm on CD25 now

had my consultant appointment, she scanned me told me that I had ovulated 1 egg, left ovary is very big and sack on ovary has loads of fluid in (taking that as a good thing!) also had blood taken to check my progesterone levels, not sure when I'll hear back about them, should I give it a week and call?? confused

she don't want to increase my dose to 100mg as she said it's working even tho I was ovulating before as my periods are quite regular hmm

she also don't want to see me till i've finished my 3rd month of clomid so i'm just left to it now

my symptoms are very sore boobs, I'm sure they are actually on fire!!
still swollen and sore also more tired and going to the toilet a lot
all this is probably all in my head as other months have proven! angry

littlejesamiah Thu 22-Sep-11 20:20:32

Hi ladies just wanted to ask I have taken my 2nd tablet today and am having af like crampsangry has anyone else had this?
envy x

cheekycurls Thu 22-Sep-11 20:59:18

I've had them all month to be honest jesamiah think it's normal-ish to get these kinds of side affects from clomid

littlejesamiah Fri 23-Sep-11 11:32:50

Thanks cheeky that make me less stressed wink. I have got my scan on the 3rd to see if I'm growing any follicles fx xx

TanteAC Sat 24-Sep-11 09:43:22

Hi all!
This thread comes at the perfect time- I have just taken my first clomid tablet yesterday, so let's see!

Was wide awake at 4am and had very vivid, horrible dreams before that which I presume must be to do with it.

What's all the grapefruit juice, honey etc about? Would love to know!

littlejesamiah Sat 24-Sep-11 12:44:25

I know I have already mentioned the cramps but they are getting more painful I have had to take painkillers! sad is anyone else suffering from these? Any advice or comments would be much appreciated xxwink

cheekycurls Sat 24-Sep-11 22:21:32

welcome Tante smile

jesamiah my cramps was pretty bad, there was one day that was so painful that I actually called the dr's and they said it was my body reacting to the clomid as it's a very powerful drug hmm was so bad walking/sitting/laying down hurt! can't remember what CD this was but it was while I was in the 5 days of taking clomid think it was around day 3-4

I've not had much luck on the symptoms/pains on clomid, I seem to have got them all at once! sad yet some people have none confused
take some painkillers, put ur feet up and how i'm getting through it all is that if i'm having all these side affects/pains then it must be working right?! hmm

6 days till AF is due! shock so tempted to test!!! blush

littlejesamiah Sun 25-Sep-11 02:19:01

Hi guys got so worried about cramps phoned Nhs direct lots of questions and return phonecalls they send me to an out of hours primary care unit more question a fumble around and urine sample BFP gringringringringrin
I can't believe it I did one 3 days ago it was negative!!! Now just waiting for blood results and swabs to try find out what the cramping is!! This doesn't feel real xxxx

PinkCustard Sun 25-Sep-11 09:26:34

Wow Littlejesamiah that's fantastic, big congrats!! Were you already preg when you started on this round of clomid then?

I'm 10dpo today and it's normally at this point that I get pre-AF spotting so will be on 'red alert' all day today. Have you caved yet Cheeky?

cheekycurls Sun 25-Sep-11 11:02:58

oh my god congratulations Littlejesamiah grin

not caved yet pink might tomorrow morning tho blush

PinkCustard Mon 26-Sep-11 14:25:21

Any news Cheeky? No spotting here yet but AF not actually due til Wednesday so still a way to go yet...

cheekycurls Mon 26-Sep-11 17:08:58

did a test this morning and it was negative sad
I'm currently CD29 AF due Thursday/Friday, no spotting but feel AF is on the way sad

cheekycurls Mon 26-Sep-11 17:13:57

think if I was pregnant something would have showed up by now surely

littlejesamiah Mon 26-Sep-11 18:12:43

Yeah I was on day 3 of chlomid x

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 07:13:42

AF showed up this morning sad

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 11:11:14

got a question probably a silly one but here goes....

I'm due to take clomid days 2-6 today is the first day of AF (woke me up in the night about 5am) but I wanted to start taking them of a night so I hopefully don't feel many side affects, could I take it tonight or should I wait till tomorrow night?

I'm gonna blame over thinking and getting myself confused for this silly question blush

PinkCustard Tue 27-Sep-11 13:37:04

Oh crapsville Cheeky hopefully this will be your lucky month. I would take it the evening of day 2, so tomorrow night, but it's not a silly question.

Still no sign here, but I'm pretty sure that clomid can extend the LP so not getting excited - would be good to have a slightly longer LP anyway so would be quite pleased about that even if grotty AF does show up.

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 13:46:21

yeah that makes sense! grin

I will be trying 100mg this cycle so hopefully this will work!!

have you got any feelings/symptoms that this is your month Pink?

PinkCustard Tue 27-Sep-11 13:49:54

Not really - my boobs feel very big and heavy but that's not unusual before AF. I really try not to symptom spot any more after so many months of disappointment. I won't be taking clomid this month though as feel like my body could do with a break from it for a month (or two).

Good luck on 100mg.

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 13:57:32

think clomid makes boobs hurt more, I also have achy boobs before AF but this month they was soooo painful even to walk!! shock

I know what you mean about trying not to symptom spot after so many months of disappointments, I do try not to but always end up going a bit crazy over it, TTC would send anyone crazy I think!

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 17:07:21

is it worth using progesterone cream?
anyone using it?

not really sure what this is but read about people using it while on clomid....

confu3ed Tue 27-Sep-11 21:00:02

Hello again ladies, been busy with a hellish time at work which is all good now!

Congrats Littlejesamiah, amazing news.

Cheeky - You are right about sore boobs on Clomid, the last time that I took it it gave me really sore boobs just before AF. It sucks that the symptoms for PG are the same as those for AF. On the progesterone cream ? I heard that it is not much good. That said I have been prescribed progesterone pessaries to use as soon as i get BFP as well as low dose asprin, but these are to help prevent miscarriage. Not sure that it helps with conception.

Florin - what is the grapefruit juice for? And the honey? I am up for trying anything at this point been TTC for 3 years now DD is almost 12!
I am taking high dose folic acid, magnesium and selenium as read that women are often lacking in these and especially when they have recurrent miscarriages. Like I said I will try anything!

Pink custard - my cycles stayed the same length and the month I got BFP I waited until 5 days late to test and by then I did have symptoms.

I am on CD 20 so about to start the dreaded wait! Gutted as DP got ill on day 14 and we missed out 3 days. Just pray that is enough as the side effects that I got this time were pretty bad I turned into a monster! Stress at work may have had something to do with it too, hope so as I think another month of that and I will have to move out whilst I take it! Maybe its because I am straight on 100mgs?

I know that there is hope for everyone, the last clomid thread I was on pretty much everyone got a BFP in the end, just hope that this time it leads to a baby!

Florin Tue 27-Sep-11 21:33:14

So so excited first ttc good news I have ever had. Been to specialist who scanned me. I an on Day 15 and was feeling glum as not had a positive on the ovulation sticks that specialist asked me to use. Went to specialist and he scanned me and says I have an 18mm egg ready to pop and my womb lining looks excellent. So now all we need to do is get down to business and for once we are in with a chance! Sorry to be over excited but nice to have good news for a change! Dh took me out for a drink to celebrated and we toasted our egg!

Florin Tue 27-Sep-11 21:56:04

confu3ed grapefruit juice is meant to help with cm so take it up to Ovulation (luckily I love the stuff and can drink it by the pint) after ovulation you are meant to drink pineapple juice.
Manuka 25+ honey meant to cure everything and also improve blood supply to your womb. Who know what actually helps but I like to feel I am doing something. It keeps me positive!

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