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CLOMID first timer....

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cheekycurls Mon 05-Sep-11 17:52:34

I can't seem to find any clomid threads that are active, so thought I would start this one.

Currently just finished taking my last tablet (50mg) on my first month of clomid, I'm very excited & nervous at the same time.

So many things going on in my head, no one to really talk to, symptoms are a bitch (but must mean something is working if I have symptoms yeah?!) confused

has anyone taken clomid without being monitored? My consultant isn't going to scan me to check on follicles, I just have to go back to see her in 3 weeks (not sure what for?) blush

Really hoping this works! hmm

But if anyone wants to join me on a clomid ride, share info or success stories, feel free to...... smile

cheekycurls Thu 08-Sep-11 19:17:47

u are right tiger I don't know anything about twins, never even entered my when I first started TTC about having twins! until the consultant told me the % of multiples on clomid, panic set in! shock I was just reading about twins and it is only on the mothers side that counts, I never knew this, does that make me ignorant/stupid?? panicking even more now my nan told me she got pregnant with twins but lost them years ago!! shock

I'll be over the moon just to have a healthy pregnancy, any pregnancy

and have now decided NOT to google twins ever again (did scare me slightly!) and concentrate on SWI grin

Florin Thu 08-Sep-11 20:50:24

I have to admit, I know twins add complications but all being well I would be very happy with twins. My mum said she preferred having twins and in the end felt it was easier as we were interested in the same things. None of the problems of baby eating toddlers playmobil etc I am guessing the first few months were really hard at the start though! I also love being a twin

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 12:20:37

well I'm now in the middle of the time frame I'm meant to ovulate, but so far nothing on ovulation test or any of ov signs hmm

Florin Fri 09-Sep-11 13:30:12

Good luck with ovulating cheekycurls
I am on day 25, normal cycles are around 31 days but last month it was 27 days and had spotting for a couple of days before so reckon I will try a cheapy test on Monday which will be day 28.

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 15:00:37

oooh good luck testing!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for u smile

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 20:37:58

very emotional today! (very unlike me)

can u get symptoms of clomid after u have finished taking the tablets?? and is this a 'symptom' ???

what a very confusing time, hope it's worth it!

confu3ed Fri 09-Sep-11 23:32:29

Hi ladies!

I got pg on clomid 100 Mgs last Xmas, I miscarried in Janary sad taken me a while to get over it, as was the second miscarriage in a row. But ok now, in fact just swallowed my first two clomid tablets! Scared but excited too!
I know that the clomid works for me, it took 6 months the last time, 3 on 50mg then got a bfp on month 3 on 100mg. The doc told me that it can take a while for your body to get used to it, and that it doesn't mean you will ovulate every month, just get busy lots between day 10 and 20, oh and top tip is put a cushion under your butt when having sex, the month I tried that was the month I got the bfp!
Good luck all! :0)

confu3ed Fri 09-Sep-11 23:34:37

Oh and one more thing that helped me with the side effects was taking it at bed time, still get night sweats but better than during the day as a hot flush at work is a nightmare!

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 23:49:17

sorry to hear about ur mc's confu3ed , so hard ain't they! sad

I took all my tablets in the morning (too excited/impatient to wait till the evening)! suffered bad with symptoms so next month (if I don't get pregnant this month hmm ) I'll defiantly be taking them of an evening!!!

confu3ed Sat 10-Sep-11 22:05:31

Thanks Cheeky, and yep they don't get any easier.

Oh well time to move on with TTC before I get too old!

I have had a few symptoms today, really hot! Might be because I am straight back on 100mgs not building it up starting with 50. I am not being monitored at all though this time, my GP told me to take the pills for 3 months and if I dont get PG to go back. If I do get a BFP been told to use progesterone until I am 3 months.

Good luck for this month smile

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 07:15:40

Chickened out of testing this morning, see if I can build up the guts to do it tomorrow or maybe I will just wait for nature to take it's course. Anybody else had any luck?

littlejesamiah Mon 12-Sep-11 09:27:18

Aww fx crossed for your bfp xx I should hopefully be starting mine next week quite excited and positive xxx

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 09:50:28

I felt like that when I started it feels good to be starting something new. Fresh start and renewed hope. Hope it works for you.

PinkCustard Mon 12-Sep-11 13:35:45

Hi I'm on month 4 of Clomid, second month of 100mg after trying with 50mg for the first 2 months. I too ov regularly but like others have said think the consultant thought it was worth a shot, and I'm glad to give it a go. If I don't get preg this month I'm going to take a month or 2 off the tablets though as think my body could do with a break from them - obviously I'm reallllllly keeping everything crossed that it works this month, can't take TTC for much longer sad

Good luck everyone!!

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 15:42:57

I have just started spotting so think it's over for me this month sad
Now just want it to start properly so I can start on 100 mg of clomid
pink custard did u find side affects a lot worse on 100mg then 50mg?
Really want 100mg to work for me just found out sister is now trying as well although she doesn't know I am or that I know she is (saw pack of empty pregnacare in her bin along with empty pack on tampons-so assume she isn't pregnant yet) so now feels like a bit of a race only I feel like I am the 3 legged dog trying to keep up!

PinkCustard Mon 12-Sep-11 16:48:46

Oh sorry Florin Even after trying for 20 months I'm always a bit incredulous at AF's arrival. I have had some symptoms on 100mg, the worst being vision disturbances and I just feel ratty the whole time. I think the moodiness is an accumulation of 4 months on clomid and 20 months of failed TTC though.

It's awful when you feel like you're in a bit of a race - I've got one friend who's TTC now (as all the others have of course gotten pregnant and had their babies by now) and I'm always conscious of it. Both my sisters have got 2 children - well actually, my oldest sis is about to drop her 2nd any day now. It was a shock when she told me was preg with number 2 (I'm TTC number 2) but I consoled myself with the thought that I must surely be preg by the time it arrived...sadly not. Next hideous self-imposed deadline is Christmas...

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 19:14:31

pink custard when you say visual disturbances do you mean blurred vision. How bad was it? What did it stop you doing? I drive to work and then look at a computer so bit nervous. We are entering our 22nd month of trying so really fed up with it all so can symathise. Know what you mean about setting of deadlines in your head. I've done that too twice with pregnant people and both have now had babies. Was thinking the other day that if we had got pregnant straight away we would have a baby that would have been over a year now sad
Now my sister are trying oh and our very close best friends are trying I feel I am entered in a race where I know I will come in last! Sorry to be miserable! When are you due to test?

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 10:56:56

hi Florin sorry about the spotting sad how are u getting on?, I have read that clomid can make u spot a bit..... hmm

I'm still waiting to ovulate, still nothing on ov sticks yet but getting some pains/aches in ovaries so maybe soon! smile we are SWI everyday so not to miss a day blush

I'm still getting the headaches but the hot flushes have gone now smile

been quite down lately and not as positive as I was when I first started clomid, thought then 'this is a wonder drug and I would get pregnant on the first month'! but now I've got it into my head that it won't work for me this month!! I've not even ovulated yet!! blush maybe the clomid is making me crazy!! grin

how is everyone else getting on?

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 11:00:23

vision disturbances shock

I've passed so many deadlines it's a joke, babies popping out everywhere!!! new one is to be pregnant by Christmas! hmm

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 13:39:48

The visual disturbances only happened on my 3rd month of taking clomid and was when the dose was upped to 100mg. It's hard to explain but it was almost like double-vision, except it was silvery. It happened on days 5&6 and only lasted a few minutes so had cleared by the time I had to set off to work. Made me feel a bit weird though and is the main reason for me taking a month off after this one. It also prompted me to read the list of side effects in the leaflet and they scared me a bit...

I'm due to ovulate any day now - it's day 16 for me and last month I got a Peak on my CBFM on this day, but still showing High this morning. I can feel my ovaries grumbling round though so am pretty sure it's imminent. Will get my sexy knickers on again tonight wink

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 13:40:42

No sorry - it was month 4 (this month) that I got them.

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 13:46:57

I know what you mean Cheeky I was really hopeful the 1st month, but by this month (month 4) I'm more or less assuming it won't work and gearing up for another failure. I too desperately don't want to spend another non-pregnant Christmas, but am trying to face facts that it could be for me sad. I do think my defeated state of mind is partly down to the clomid though as it messes with your hormones and I'm feeling PMT-ish all month long. Some days I'm more hopeful than others though.

Annoyingly this morning a friend gave me the old 'relax' line - which is particularly annoying coming from her as I know that she took 16 months to conceive both of hers and took clomid both times, so she should know better! I think when people say things like that it's implying that it's in some way my fault that this is happening, and that it's in my control - which of course it isn't!!

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:16:45

Oooooh pink im on day 16 too, we can be testing buddies grin

this is my last chance to have another baby as I can't afford IVF so clomid just has to work!!

the pain is getting worse in my ovaries, but I'm gonna try think a bit more positive that it's working if i'm getting these pains, I think the line on ov test is getting darker from yesterday (cheap eBay tests and doing one everyday till I know what's normal for me on clomid) but not as dark to be a positive yet.....maybe tomorrow hmm

I've also lost a bit of weight that I've put on through depression cos failingTTC and but my belly has swelled up from yesterday and is tender along with ov pains, is this normal???

TMI alert
oh and going by my body (pains) ovulation is imminent but where is my EWCM?! seems to have booked a last minute deal and f*cked off somewhere!!!

and this month DP, knowing what I'm going through on these tablets, he's ....ahem.... giving his all! thank god for preseed blush

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 14:27:11

Ooh Cheeky I'm delighted to have a cycle buddy! We also can't afford IVF so it's got to happen naturally for us too (with a little nudge from clomid hopefully).

Yes I'm feeling bloated and expanded too - think it's all normal. Our ovaries will be firing eggs out by the dozen!

I have read that clomid can dry out EWCM, thank goodness you've got some Preseed on stand-by.

Florin Tue 13-Sep-11 14:32:09

Pink don't get me started on the relax line-dh used to say it a lot to and now it's just a banned phrase. My favourite has been so far from my (ex)best friend. As she was my best friend she knew everything from when we were debating whether to to start trying to the excitement of the start. She mainly shows completely no interest in how we are getting on (dh and I are quite open and happy about discussing it with the select few people who know but don't go on about it either)all she does it changes it around to her and just moans about her life and how her children are always getting in the way of her fun. What really topped it for me (after I said I was disappointed as it looks like my ovarian drilling was a waste of time as it hasn't worked within the 6 months) she says back "of course I am going to have to be so careful now I am with my new man as you know me I get pregnant from just looking at a man" i just walked away.
Cheeky good luck with ovulating. I heard that ovulation sticks were unreliable with clomid which is why I haven't used them but there is so much flying round on the internet who knows what is right! We just went for the go for it everyday between 11 and about day 19 (sometimes twice-we were on holiday!) we figured we couldn't miss it then.
I am not too disappointed with spotting as consultant did say he didn't think 50mg was enough when he looked at my scan so I was kind of ready for the disappointment in someways. Eager to get on with 100mg now. I normally get extremely light spotting for 2 days before period(tmi) not enough to worry about a tampon or anything just a bit when i wipe however spotting now is much heavier (and painful) but not a normal flow so not quite sure if today is day 1 yet. Will see what its like later and make a judgement on it.

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