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TTC#2 - just come off mini pill

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ollie2 Mon 05-Sep-11 09:02:44

Hi there. Just wondered if there are any of you out there who can tell me how long it took you to concieve after stopping the mini pill. I know the guide lines are about 6 months to let your body get back into regular cycles but i wondered if there are any lucky ones out there who caught sooner??

pommedechocolat Mon 05-Sep-11 09:08:18

I came off cerazette to tic dd. I had one period after 5 weeks and then 3.5 weeks later had a bfp. I too had heard horror stories about tic post mini pill so was very surprised.

louloubellamozzarella Mon 05-Sep-11 12:50:25

Hi olllie. Not had a BFP yet (this month hopefully smile ) but I came off Cerazette too at the start of July.

My first AF started a week ago - so it took six weeks-ish for my cycle to start again. Did have a withdrawal bleed a couple of weeks after stopping the pill but v light and only lasted a couple of days so definitely wasn't AF. I'm going to start using ov sticks from today to see where I am with oving - and for reassurance that things are back to normal. Fingers crossed they are as Iwas a bit dismayed when I started reading into stories about coming off Cerazette. I'm TTC #1 and naively thought that it'd be a case of stopping the pill and getting preggers soon after - obviously not the case at all confused.

Good luck anyway! Is this #1 for you?

ollie2 Mon 05-Sep-11 13:31:16

Thanks for the reply both. This will be #2. Have a little one who is ten months old and we wanted them to be quite close in age if possible. I have come off Micronor which i have read isnt as efficient as Cerazette anyway for some reason. Caught for #1 in about 2 months but i know this has no effect on how long at can take to conceive again.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you louloubella smile

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