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Tips for TTC!

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cleanteeth Mon 05-Sep-11 08:26:34

Hello! DP and I have been chatting and have decided we would like to try for another baby in a few months after we have moved house. I'm just wondering if there's anything I could be doing to make the process quicker, do I need to stop drinking, be eating certain foods or anything?
Also I want to go on a bit of a diet to lose half a stone before I get pregnant, will this hamper my chances of concieving?

DS was a bit of an accident so TTC is all new to me, any advice would be great grin

eurochick Mon 05-Sep-11 11:01:19

Losing weight should not hamper your chances unless it will send you underweight. In fact, if you are overweight now, it can help conception rates (there's some research on this somewhere).

The recommendation is to start taking folic acid 3 months before you start trying.

IMHO, there's no need to change your diet before you are pregnant but I am trying to eat healthily and I have cut down (but not stopped) drinking.

Drs say to have sex every 2-3 days through your cycle but as I know when I ovulate (I can feel it and now I am also charting my cycles) I tend to focus it around our fertile time and then just do it whenever we feel like it the rest of the time so we don't always feel like we are doing it to order.

I would say that when you are ready you should just throw away your contraception and lock yourselves in the bedroom at least for the first few months of trying.

glasgowgoil Tue 06-Sep-11 12:59:55


This is my first post on mumsnet- hello! I have joined up to look for advice on exactly this topic so thanks very much.

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