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Gutted and in need of advice please - high FSH levels?

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beanery Sat 03-Sep-11 20:53:37

Hi - I have been driving myself mad about this and was hoping that someone can shed light and perhaps give me some good news?

I have been trying to conceive DC2. No problems at all with getting pregnant with the first one but have been trying for nearly 2 years with this one. I have just turned 35.

I did get pregnant last sep but ended up having a MMC at 11 weeks (aneymbronic (excuse spelling) pregnancy, which stopped growing at 6 weeks.) Had eprc to remove it. It took 12 months to get pregnant with that pregnancy but there had been some issues with DH's sperm, which are now resolved.

Since then, it has taken another 9 months with nothing, so a few months ago I had my FSH level done on day 3. It was 9.2. Which I thought was ok, but after much (crazed) internet trawling, it appears actually be quite high for my age.

Now - could this be reason for my MC and also the reason why I can't get pregnant now? Of course, I am absolutley thinking the worst - early menopause or rubbish eggs at the very least. At least, I defenetly do ovulate
every month, have had progesterone levels on day 21 done twice (both times ok.)

I don't smoke, drink, etc, am fit, eat well, etc, etc. Although I do worry ALOT. Am wondering if stress can play a role increasing your FSH? I had the levels done the month I moved house and cities. Also, was doing a lot of exercise (training 4 times a week)- and was quite run down - could this infulence results? Have generally had an extremely stressful 2 years (due to family problems)

Anyway, any advice or similar experiences shared would be gratefully received!

Two GPs said it was fine and that I should do yoga and relax. Have pushed hard for a referal and am seeing a doc in antenatel&gyne next week. I can't wait untill then to ask these going slightly insane......

Sorry for long waffle.....

munki Sun 04-Sep-11 07:02:52


Sorry that you are worrying, and sorry about your missed mc too.

From what I can gather, 9.2 isn't considered to be terribly high. I found a site that said values between 9 and 11 are 'fair', and you're just at the lowest edge of that range. I would try not to worry - I don't think it should cause any problems. Though I hate, hate, hate the 'just relax' line that always gets trotted out I think maybe some relaxation and trying to remove as much stress from your life as you can (as much as is possible) might help. Can't hurt anyway and would benefit you as stress isn't good for you, whether ttc or not.

Can I be cheeky and ask you for some advice? You say you had some sperm issues that you sorted out - can I ask what the issues were and how you sorted them? I am in the same situation and just scrabbling around for all the advice I can get.

Good luck!

beanery Sun 04-Sep-11 09:15:08

Thanks for that Munki. When I am feeling rational, I think 9.2 isn't too bad - not great - but ok. Unfortunately, before I moved I was seeing an acupuncturist who basically told me that is the level you would see in a 40 - 44 year old. (don't see her anymore!) I have just latched on to that and that is why I blame everything on that number and think I am obviously approaching menopause. ALso, some clinics won't let you be an egg donor with a level over 8!

Anyway, I can't do much about it until I see the Doc at the hospital next week. I will ask for a re-test. although my mental stress is still rife but at least I have taken pressure off my body with less exercise and eating better (tend to skip meals when busy/or stressed.) We shall see - I am terrified that we are heading for IVF.

In any case, not cheeky to ask about sperm probs. My DH had his sperm checked last year after a couple of nasty bouts of flu (with high temperatures) and also a random infection of the testicles (maybe linked to the sore throat that he had a few weeks before.) The SA came back appalling. Basically hardly any there and those that were, were slow and mishapen! We were really gutted.

The Docs said not too worry and to re-test after 3 months, as illness can really have an impact (especially an infection in the testicles.) I was not convinced of course and spent the whole time fretting. DH also had wake up call and cut down on boozing and started going to the gym regularly, wearing loose boxers, taking vits- all the stuff you read about doing. 3 months later all well with the sperm and I was PG (but later MC)

Now, a year later back to square one - now with me with potentially rubbish eggs. Oh well.

Hope all ok with you? Sorry again for long waffle....I obviously have loads to get off my chest.......

munki Sun 04-Sep-11 11:10:07

Hi beanery, thanks for replying. I've seen that requirement on egg sharing too, I've seen some places saying it needs to be below 9 too. To be honest I think they're just trying to cover themselves so they set the limit very low. I've also seen things saying that for ivf that level is still fine (not that I think you'll need it - just that that indicates your ovaries are still in working order). Besides many many women over 40 get pregnant - I don't think your acupuncturist should have said that to you! And you can get pregnant - that's the main thing. Miscarriage is so, so common, it really doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

Thanks for that info about sperm, my h has been ill this year too, I'm a bit worried he might have a testicle infection as well as he has a bit of testicular pain. Trying to get him to go to the GP about it separately from all the fertility appointments we're having. He's also been incredibly stressed but has started acupuncture and it's made him much calmer so maybe that will have an impact, who knows!

beanery Sun 04-Sep-11 16:30:45

Well good luck with it all Munki. I think stress must have a factor in all this. I know some Docs and clinics say there isn't a link - how can there not be? Mind and body are blatantly linked and can influence each other. I am so hoping that because of the pressure I was under, has sent that FSH up.

Hope it all gets sorted for you. It might be worth getting your DH to get his testicles checked out - even just for for peace of mind I'd say. My DH was in quite a lot of pain - enough for him to go to A&E. Also, it's always good to go for a re-test because it does seem that things do change. Apparently, sperm is re-made every three months, so you get a fresh batch then.

anniemac Tue 06-Sep-11 22:49:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anniemac Tue 06-Sep-11 22:50:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sn0wGoose Wed 07-Sep-11 09:28:23

anniemac what does wheatgrass do? smile

anniemac Wed 07-Sep-11 09:51:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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