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Intravaginal Ultrasound results-cant find my left ovary.

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waitingtobeamummy Thu 01-Sep-11 22:59:23

So they cant find it!What does that mean?And there was a bit of liquid in my something douglas. So dr has referred me to specialist as not happy with results and is unsure whether its pcos or not. Just got to wait now so feeling a bit miserable :-(

Pipbin Thu 01-Sep-11 23:31:50

I know nothing of the conditions you have but what I do know is that my friend who had a big cyst removed from her ovary about 3 years ago has a one year old daughter.
Do not give up hope.

joycep Thu 01-Sep-11 23:36:03

Oh I am sorry you are going through this. I had to post as I sort of went through the same thing with the missing ovary. I'm not sure I have much advice but try not to panic as it is possible your ovary is hiding. Well it seems that ovaries can hide. Last year my left ovary was nowhere to be seen on a scan. I could see a big black patch where my right was and nothing on the left. Nothing more was said about it As my bloods came back fine and I chose to forget about it. For the last 5 months I have been seeing a gynae and she noticed I was only ovulating from one side and she just couldn't see my left ovary. I felt totally sick but was comforted by many people on here telling me you can easily get pregnant with one ovary. Anyhow last month I ovulated for the first time on the left side and suddenly she could see the left one.
It's all a bit odd and I'm not too sure what it means but Hoping its not the reason why nothing is happening for me but hopefully yours is hiding too...
I don't knownwhat the liquid is. Sorry you are feeling miserable. This whole process is draining.

waitingtobeamummy Fri 02-Sep-11 17:59:07

Thanks both thought I was doing ok until I wrote that and from then on have felt miserable got to pull myself together but you're rigt joycep it is draining. I think I just needed to get it out of my system but needed people to make me feel better so thanks both. x x x

hellymelly Fri 02-Sep-11 18:06:25

its your pouch of non the wiser about the fluid,but I know women who've conceived easily with one ovary.So even if it isn't hiding,your other one usually takes up the slack.

FlamingGallah Fri 02-Sep-11 19:27:28

Hi there, sorry you are having a worrying time.

I work in xray and we often can't see one or t'other ovary, they are sneaky little buggers! It is highly unlikely to be absent, and the fact they couldn't see it does not mean it is abnormal or more likely to be PCOS. So please don't worry about that.

PCOS is usually diagnosed from a combination of blood tests of certain hormones, history and clinical examination, and the ultrasound (which may or may not be supportive but should not be used alone to make the diagnosis).

The Pouch of Douglas is simply the space behind your uterus, in front of your rectum. It is the deepest part of the pelvis and any fluid sloshing around therefore gathers there by gravity. Fluid there can be entirely normal ("physiological") and indeed expected, at certain points in your cycle eg at ovulation. It can reflect other processes going on, but is very non-specific and again I would really try not to worry about it (or google it!) until you have had some other investigations.

Good luck with everything- I don't frequent the conception boards on here, but had years of TTC and multiple IVFs which resulted in my DC. I remember well the stress of having test after test and not knowing what was going on.


waitingtobeamummy Fri 02-Sep-11 21:57:23

Thanks Hellymelly- I kept thinking port of Douglas smile
Thanks FlamingGallah that has put my mind at rest. Saw on my notes it said something like could well point to pcos, my fsh and lh (I think its called fsh) aren't working together and I'm not ovulating oh and my testosterone is borderline so do panic!But that has helped me feel calmer-thank you.

TinyPawz Sat 03-Sep-11 02:50:04

waiting I was worried when doctor advised me that I only had one ovary. I thought I would never have a child especially as I had been diagnosed with PCOS years before.

DD is nearly 5.

waitingtobeamummy Mon 05-Sep-11 10:51:18

Thanks Tinypawz, stories like that make me feel more optimistic.

FannyAnnPam Mon 05-Sep-11 12:38:23


I have had 3 scans in as many weeks due to suspected ectopic.

First time they couldn't find my left ovary, although they could see the fallopian tube.

The next scan they could see the left but not the right ovary and could also see more floaty junk than is orbiting earth, but having had an oscopy of some description or other I can confirm though photographic evidence, they are both there!!!

Don't worry I think it much depends on angles and quality of machinery as well as the experience and determination of the staff!

kaidynandmaddysmama Fri 21-Feb-14 03:22:12

I am currently going through this. I got the call today saying that my left ovary was not found in the internal or external ultrasound but to be honest, I am missing my left kidney and the left part of my uterus. Yup, I was born with one kidney and half a uterus. Wrecked a 4-wheeler to find out about my kidney, went through an emergency c-section with my SECOND child to find out about my uterus. Drs was stunned to know I had TWO children with half a uterus, said I should have never even been able to get pregnant, said I should've been 99.9% infertile. But, here I am, TWO of the most beautiful babygirls. One is 5 and the other is 3 about to be 4. Never let them tell you that you can't have a baby. When i hear of someone being told they can't have kids cause of some condition, I love helping them bring their spirits up a little by telling me my story. Not only that, but they also said I could have more children if I want more. My dr also said that sometimes ultrasounds can' see an ovary. Ill find out next week hopefully. Hope everything works out for the best for you as well. And just remember my story. In the beginning I was supposed to die at birth so they told my mom and now, I've got kids when I wasn't supposed too. God works in mysterious ways and if he wants you ok have chikdren your gonna have them. GOOD LUCK :-)

kaidynandmaddysmama Fri 21-Feb-14 03:24:18

Sorry about the misspelling, new phone lol

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