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clomid question.....

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cheekycurls Thu 01-Sep-11 21:26:03

I read alot about when to take clomid but they differ,
does the days to take it change depending on ur cycle?
if so when should i take it if my cycle is 30-35?!
first time taking clomid and very confused!! confused

littlejesamiah Thu 01-Sep-11 21:33:03

I have just received my chlomid today although dic says to wait for next af even though I have no idea when it will arrive! What should I do was thinking of going to gp to ask for meds to bring on af as my last cycle was 12th July and I'm just waiting. I was looking at all my info given and it seems very confusing I have to have bloods on day 21 to see if the 50mg is working if not to move upto 100mg but then not sure when to start raking the next round. Ant advice would be very grateful I'm gonna have to get on the phone tomorrow. And ask more questions

Fairygodmother1 Thu 01-Sep-11 22:24:03

Hi ya,

when i took it I took from day 2-6 I think, I know I def started on day 2. My cycles were/are infrequent so it doesn't matter how long or when your cycle is. Did you consultant not tell you when to take it? I also had the bloods doen at day 21.

cheekycurls Fri 02-Sep-11 08:05:53

yeah my consultant did tell me when to take it but she never asked my cycle days and I don't want to ovulate too early or too late so was just wondering if taking clomid has to be with ur cycle days or not

cheekycurls Fri 02-Sep-11 08:36:26

would taking it CD5-CD9 be ok for a average of 33 day cycle hmm

consultant told me to take it CD2-CD6 but think she's assuming I have a 28 day cycle???

Really hate when I forget to ask a question, just got too excited when she offered me clomid blush

Aworryingtrend Fri 02-Sep-11 10:24:36

I have a long (40) day cycle and the consultant told me that the Clomid should be taken on day 2-6 as they expect you to ovulate earlier than normal and have a shorter cycle due to the Clomid.

Then at the last minute she decided to send me for a HSG after all and not give me the Clomid til next time, grr!

Good luck!

LucyRaggyDoll Fri 02-Sep-11 11:16:33

You should take it on the specific cycle days the consultant said. For me that was 2-6. You start counting day 1 as when AF comes. So it has nothing to do with your cycle length. When your period comes, you are reset to zero, if you like, and how long your previous cycle was means nothing.

The clomid will override what your "normal" cycle is anway. That's the point of it! My cycles were wonderfully irregular, but a beautiful 33 days on clomid every time.

littlejesamiah Fri 02-Sep-11 20:44:37

I was told to take on cd 2 to 6 but what I forgot to ask is how long til I take the next lot as af is very irregular! But to note on my blood tests when I get next af. So confusing and exciting all in one xx

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