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Going on the pill a month before IVF? Advice please

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Louiseteacher30 Wed 31-Aug-11 21:12:44

I recently went through a cycle of IVF which resulted in a BFP and later an early miscarriage (last Thursday), obviously we were devestated but are keen to 'get back on the saddle' with another IVF cycle.

I spoke to the clinic yesterday who told me that they will probably give me the contraceptive pill to take for a month before our next round. I have never taken the pill so slightly nervous about whether it will have any effect in regulating my cycle post MC.

Does anyone out there have any experience of taking the pill prior to IVF to regulate their periods or to ensure that the cycle starts on a particular date?

Any advice will be gladly received!


gruffalo2008 Wed 31-Aug-11 21:37:08

Hi Louise, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, especially after having to go through the roller coaster of infertility and IVF. I went on the pill for a month prior to starting IVF, I'd had one cycle converted to IUI due to being put on too low a dose of stimms, anyway I ended up with two huge cysts so used the pill to put my ovaries to sleep, so to speak, which helps the cysts go. It worked and I started IVf again a month later. Only thing I would say is that it can take a while to get a withdrawal bleed, my consultant said expect one 2-3 days after last pill but mine took 6 days, so don't panic if that happens to you. I hadn't been on the pill for 10 years, so could remember how long it used to take to get a withdrawal bleed, so was very worried when it didn't happen quickly. Best of luck with your next round of IVF.


Louiseteacher30 Thu 01-Sep-11 16:00:25

Thanks Gruffalo :-)
Had a call from the clinic this am, I am starting on the pill today for one month then I will test to see how many days before a bleed, this will be a trial run for October. Pleased we managed to get re booked so quickly, something to look forward to

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