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still no period 10 wks after ERPC- normal?

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hopingitsthismonth Mon 29-Aug-11 22:15:33

hi all,
posted this in miscarriage board but no response so reposting here... hope its the right place....

wondering if anyone can help with similar experiences. background is:

- DS1 born early 2009. textbook pregnancy birth etc- got pregnant 2nd month of trying with him
- got pregnant sep 2010 (1st month trying) .MMC/ blighted ovum at 13 weeks- no fetus but sac grown to 9.5 wks, ERPC.
- got pregnant May 2011 (4-5months after miscarriage 1). saw heartbeat t 7.5 wks. MMC at 10 weeks fetus grown to 9 wks)

so i had an ERPC for my 2nd miscarriage and it has now been 10 weeks since then and still no period (definitely not pregnant- taken like 50 tests!). after the first miscarriage i got period after 4 weeks and i am now really worried there is something wrong and also just desperate to start TTC again and i cant do that if i am not ovulating.

any ideas?

ledkr Mon 29-Aug-11 22:33:55

Hi im not sure but didnt want you to go unanswered,mine came back pretty much four weeks after but then my cycle is pretty relentless even after a baby its back after 4 weeks.
What a shame you havent been answered there is lots of advice on here,I should see gp this week to get it checked out.
Good luck ttc.

hopingitsthismonth Mon 29-Aug-11 22:42:29

you are lovely ledkr thank you!
i was thinking of going to gp next week yes but didnt want to seem silly/ neurotic!

RollingInTheAisles Mon 29-Aug-11 22:44:37

Just bumping for you as not knowledgable on this but hope you get some good advice x

bigscarymum Mon 29-Aug-11 22:45:22

It was 10 weeks for me the first time and 6 the second. Sorry for your losses (I have 3 DCs now smile)

mousebacon Mon 29-Aug-11 22:45:49


I think it would be wise to ring the ward you were treated on or see your gp. I imagine they'll say it's still within the realms of normal but I think up to 8 weeks is standard.

Do you think you've ovulated? Have you had negative pg tests?

I'm really sorry for your losses. I've lost two babies, both at 12 weeks, in the last year and had repeat erpcs due to complications so I do feel your pain.

If I was you I'd seek medical advice. Good luck xxx

Ladybee Mon 29-Aug-11 23:51:35

Hi, I suspect this is something that varies enormously between women. Mine always came back between 5-6 weeks after an ERPC or MC (I've had 3 in the last year and half). I've just been reading Professor Lesley Regan's Miscarriage book and she says:
" is important to remember that for many women who have just experienced a miscarriage, normal regular periods do not return for a couple of months. There is nothing abnormal about this and the best remedy is not to worry about it. In many cases it reflects the emotional distress of the recent miscarriage. However, if you know you have polycystic ovaries, it is sensible to talk to your doctor about undergoing some tests to see if you are ovulating...."
Hoping I'm really sorry about your losses, and I hope your body recovers soon. That urge to get pregnant again after a loss is overwhelming but do take care of yourself emotionally as well. I would go to talk to your GP about it, even if it's just for the reassurance. Or perhaps you could book a private scan and ask them to check for follicles/signs of ovulation and thickness of uterine lining? It might help to regain some control?

batteryhen Tue 30-Aug-11 06:45:55

hoping I am exactly the same as you - I had an ERPC 10 weeks ago for my 3rd MMC at 12 weeks. My periods still haven't returned - I spoke to my GP last week who rang the gynae team at the hospital. The reg wasn't concerned at all - she said it can take up to 3 months for them to settle but if they haven't returned by then - then they want to see me. My 12 weeks is up in 10 days so I imagine I will go along then. I feel very much in limbo as I too just want to get back to normal and try again xx Let us know what your gp says if you do go and see him xx

hopingitsthismonth Tue 30-Aug-11 21:13:59

Hi ladies,
thanks so much for your responses- I went to bed last night and just had chance to log back in now.
so where to start!?

firstly so sorry for all your losses. one miscarriage is bad enough but multiple.. well... i just cant believe how much it happens and its horrid.

bigscarymum- thanks, makes me feel better to know its not just me and reassuring you have 3 DC!

mouse yes ive had negative preg tests- i think i pee on a preg test every other day!

mouse, lady and battery thanks all. I rang the emergency gynae ward where i had my ERPC and spoke to the Sister there. she was great and said although within 8 weeks is usual , up to 3 months is still considered normal so if i get to 12 weeks call back and they will refer me to gynaecologist who may be able to give me something. she said its probably just hormonal ie my body not yet producing the right hormones/ getting back to normal.

i think i will do that and hen next step would be that private scan you suggest lady - good idea.

battery i feel the same. ive got just over 2 weeks until my 12 weeks is up- lets hope we get our AF or even better BFP before then so we dont have to go smile

will let you all know developments. x

pebspop Fri 09-Sep-11 11:04:53

i have been waiting for 10 weeks for af following my mc at 20 weeks. i rang the midwife about this and she suggested going to the gp. i have booked an appointment for monday.

from looking around the internet it sounds like i may be given provera (a progesterone tablet) you take it for 10 days and af appears. i am hoping my doctor gives me this and it resets my cycles as they were regular before i had two mc's in the last year.

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