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TTC and confused

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Ashe01 Mon 29-Aug-11 15:43:29

Hey guys,

I have been ttc for a while now, and have been charting my bbt for the past few months. Its been consistent with a dip before ovulation then rising to be the same temperature for three days and then rises higher and stays high until my period comes.
This month I got the usual dip then it rose back up to normal but it didn't rise further as I was expecting.
My husband and I had sex regularly before during and after when I should have ovulated.
My period is now three days late and have been having some slight tummy cramps on and off for a few days, and today I have a sore lower back. But tested this morning and got a negative....
Any advice?

buggerlugs82 Mon 29-Aug-11 16:05:01

It seems this baby making malarky plays tricks on most MNers.

I'd say try not to think about it until Saturday and if no AF - re-test.

It will not be easy but neither will be constantly wondering am i.

justhe1 Mon 29-Aug-11 16:09:42

It is confusing....for that reason, i personally choose to not take temps, do ov testing kits, chart or any of that malarky becuase it litterally drove me insane and i still had a negative month after month.

It made no difference at all to my chances.

Its up to you, but you may not get any answers becuase its never a guarentee.
Sorry smile

buggerlugs82 Mon 29-Aug-11 16:20:35

I also don't do any of those things. I'd end up a walking talking crack pot!!

Ashe01 Mon 29-Aug-11 17:59:11

Haha! yeah it could easily drive you insane! I'm going to try the duo fertility monitor I think that way it records everything so I won't need to worry about it so much, will wait awhile and see if AF turns up, no signs yet really...jus some pinky/brown spotting hardly any really and itchy nips ( sorry tmi!)

Iggi999 Mon 29-Aug-11 18:12:17

For me, nothing beats a First Response test for a definitive answer, shows up sooner than any other test I've tried.

kat2504 Mon 29-Aug-11 18:36:42

Isn't that the one that costs 500 quid? Waste of money if you ask me. have sex three times a week and then it doesn't matter about temps or opk. I like the cheap opks but i wouldn't rely on them on their own because the couple of days before it shows positive you are already fertile. Why not try the CBFM before you fork out so much money if you are keen on using a monitor?

Ashe01 Mon 29-Aug-11 19:10:17

Yes is £500, i have tried the clearblue monitor already, used ovulation tests, charted my bbt everything. So if AF arrives then i will be buying it, they give your money back if you are not pregnant within 12 months so nothing to loose! considering alot of people wouldnt think twice spending that amount on a tv or sofa etc i dont think its too expensive especially if they offer your money back.
hopefully AF wont come and i wont need it anyway! and can use the money i have saved for other things grin

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