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ttc #2 need advice pls!

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iowmum88 Sun 28-Aug-11 15:10:37

hi ttc #2, conceived #1 without even trying and has now just turned 2. me and my DP have been trying now for 6 months and nothing so far we r SWI especially at the right times I THINK lol
any 1 else in the same boat or dealing with similar things would b gud to talk!!

MyGoldenNotebook Sun 28-Aug-11 15:31:39

Hi iowmum - you do know that it is perfeclty normal for a healthy and fertile couple to take twelve months to conceive don't you? Please don't think that you are doing something wrong. I know how frustrating it is. I'm trying to conceive number 2 as well and feel pretty upset about it, and I'm only on month 4. Like you I conceived number one very easily and breezily thought it would be the same this time blush Friends of mine seem to have become pregnant just by looking at their DPs lately and it makes you think 'why isn't it that easy for me?' and, inevitably 'what am I doing wrong?'

A couple of things that may help: - I'm no expert but if I was meeting you for a coffee I would probably end up chatting to you about the following things:

1. Could you have more sex? I know that this month I am going to have sex everyday for a period of ten days during my ovulation period. Recent studies point towards the idea that worrying about reducing sperm count through frequent sex is wrong. I'm sure there will be someone coming along to disagree with this but might be worth a try? Also, at you r'non fertile' periods still have sex as unless you are charting you never really know when ovulation occurs.

2. You could try taking a supplement like pregnacare if you aren't already - or even using a sperm friendly lubricant like preseed (I am doing both these things).

3. Try to stay positive! It's hard but try not to let ttc take over your life smile There is a thread on here that I'm on (look for rat smackers!) and we have the mantra POSITIVE PEOPLE GET POSITIVE PEE STICKS. It makes me smile and it's a very supportive thread.

Finally - you probably don't need this but if you are over 35 you can see a doctor at this point. they may be able to reassure / offer advice.

Best of luck smile

iowmum88 Sun 28-Aug-11 16:22:42

cheers for the advice im going 2 get on all of those things. nice to have some support and talk to people going through the same thing as dont have any friends who are at the minute.

its more my DP who is worrying about it as im sure most men do and i think he finds it hard to get his head around it all lol.

im only 23 so not in a major hurry but never wanted a big gap in between children but it is very frustrating.

will take a look at that thread.

thanks again for the advice : )

MyGoldenNotebook Sun 28-Aug-11 17:04:24

You're welcome smile

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