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Chemical pregnancy but BFN?

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Bella2011 Sun 28-Aug-11 09:51:07

So something odd happened to me this cycle ... I started bleeding a bit CD32, thought it was period starting. That night it stopped. The following night I woke up with a funny tingling in my boobs and felt they had grown a bit - I know this is a usual symptom for some people every month, but never ever for me, so I knew something was going on. I thought maybe the bleeding was implantation, and did a PT at 3am! Negative. Still no bleeding or spotting, boobs bigger and temp still up for a further 3 days, and then a heavy, painful and clotty period started. Through-out all tests were negative, although they were internet cheapos.

Just wondered if I could have implanted, if only for a very short time, but maybe not enough hormone in me for the tests to detect? Or do you really need a positive test to be able to confirm a chemical pregnancy?

I have now almost finished my period but strangely my boobs are still bigger and temp still hasn't gone down to what it usually is.

Thanks for any advice.

hairylights Sun 28-Aug-11 10:54:05

I thought a chemical pregnancy was failure if a fertilised egg to implant.

I thunk this might be one of this mysteries that you never find the answer to.

highlove Sun 28-Aug-11 11:12:56

Hi, don't know if I can really answer your question but just to say I've had a similar experience twice now since we've been TTC. I didn't get a positive test either time (and I did plenty of bloody tests!)

Both times I had very heavy and early spotting that turned into heavy and clotty period. Although spotting for a few days before is usual for me, this was very different (heavy, bright red, stop/start) and started about both times about 7-8 DPO and lasted a week till period came.

So not sure that's any help, just to say that it does sound to me like it could have been something unusual happening.

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