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What the eff is going on?

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ATimeTraveller Sat 27-Aug-11 15:45:05

It's been MONTHS since I've had a proper period. April actually. I was on the coil (copper, no hormones) though and I got it removed six weeks ago now. I had lots of spotting while on the coil, but since I had it removed, I've had two days (both within the same week) where I spotted. This was between 2 and 3 weeks ago. Now for the past 8 days I've had really really sore boobs. Back when I got periods, I would have sore boobs 3 days before my period came. I got a bfn this morning. What is going on? I'm 27 btw, with a six year old child, if that makes any difference.

ATimeTraveller Sun 28-Aug-11 10:22:47


icooksocks Sun 28-Aug-11 13:15:13

Wait another few days, if no period arrives do another test, if its still BFN go visit the doctor. Sometimes HPT's do not always pick up a pregnancy (rare but does happen). The doc can do a blood test and go forward from there. This is how I found out I was expecting my 3rd, no period for 2 months, suspected I was updiffed (was TTC) but all tests showen BFN, thought I best visit doc he did a blood test and hey presto it showed I was updiffed.

ATimeTraveller Sun 28-Aug-11 21:04:33

HPTs don't work sometimes? Oh goodness.

TomboyWife Mon 29-Aug-11 14:18:03

False negatives on HPTs are very common. If you're not quite producing enough pg hormone for the test to detect it, you'll get a negative even though you're pg. And very occasionally, as icooksocks alluded to, your individual body chemistry can interfere with the test.

That said, I think it's much more likely that a) you're pg but not yet producing enough hormone to turn a test blue (try again in a few days), or b) you're not pg and your body's producing these symptoms because it's still adjusting to life post-coil. I had really sore boobs for the first couple of cycles after coming off the pill, despite being un-pg.

Hope this helps.

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