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Confused :(

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Caitsmum Wed 24-Aug-11 18:54:17

I had a laporoscopy yesterday to determine whether i had endometriosis or not and to treat it, As i have been suffering with abdominal pain for over 2 and a half years, during the procedure they found that i didn't actually have endo and it was my uterus that was attached to my abdominal wall I have been given the option to have this removed but am now worried about the consequences of this being done, but i also can not live the daily pain for the rest of my life. In an ideal world i would really like to have another baby and wondered if anybody would be able to advise on the possibilities of the procedure and the chances of conceiving again


AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 24-Aug-11 20:29:33

Was this op therefore a diagnostic lap?.

Of course you should not have to live with daily pain for the rest of your life.

Please tell me too that the medical team did not try and discuss the findings with you post op!. Appalling if this is the case.

Did they explain anything to you at all about the adhesions?. Have you ever had previous abdominal surgery (appendix removal etc, If so that may have caused the adhesions to form).

Drug treatment on its own won't touch adhesions once they are formed; surgical removal is the only option. You may well be looking at more surgery now and I would seek a second opinion from a consultant gynae with a specialist interest in endometriosis. Not all gynaes are equal in this area by any means. is a good website to look at.

Caitsmum Wed 24-Aug-11 21:38:18

Yes the first op was diagnostic with the the possibility of treating endo, but when they checked there was nothing there and found it was actually my uterus that was causing the pain and has adhered to my abdominal wall from the c-section i had 8 years ago, so they could only discuss this with me post op.

I am now waiting to see my consultant again in 3-4 weeks so the laporoscopy can heal then she is wanting to see what i want to do next but the surgery definitely can't be key hole and has to be done through my original C-section scar.

But looking through websites and talking to organisations they keep saying the same thing and that is the H word and at only 31 i'm terrified if that is my only option.

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